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031518	Ran through the set.  Picked some 
	songs for a shorter set.

030918	A raucous but spirited performance
	of the set last night and now the boys 
	are getting anxious to go do this 
	somewhere in front of something other
	than dusty living room furniture.  Look 
	out thin, disinterested crowd in a small, 
	brackish bar somewhere in the city!  
	Your day of reckoning is drawing nigh!

030118	Rehearsal with Dave and Bryan.

	Listened to more takes from Allen.

022818	Listened to some of Allen's recent
	takes.  Some of the songs are really
	starting to come together.

022418	Had a chat with Allen about yesterday's
	notes.  The "20,000 Days" and 
	"Around The World In 20,000" days
	thing is already creating headaches.

022318	Getting drum takes from Allen again!
	Sent off some notes.

022218	Ran through all of the songs live again.
	Bryan insisted we rate what is working
	and what isn't so that we can focus on 
	the troublemakers next time.

021418	Ran through the set with Dave and Bryan.
	Michael came by to check on our 
	progress.  Added Maryland Mansion
	to the set.

020818	Rehearsal with Dave and Bryan.

013118	Hey Pa
	Time to leave us all
	It's a short flight
	See the feathers fall
	Forgive me for saying
	But you lead the way
	And though I'm behind you
	It's too soon to join you

012918	Struggling with Capers.  It's in danger of
	getting the Pool treatment.  Pool was a 
	Costello-esque rocker that got over-thought
	into electronica.

012818	How do you work a new song into a setlist 
	without a vote?  Pretend to play it absent-
	mindedly in-between songs.  If someone 
	joins in then you can add it to the list with 
	confidence.  If everybody stares at you 
	blankly then you have failed.  Again.

012518	Ran through the set with Bryan and

012218	Worked on the call in response in
	Is This Your Thing to my satisfaction.
	Recorded the guts of a new song.

012018	Added piles of Capers vocal takes.

011718	Yes, sang more lead vocal takes for 
	Glad To Pass On.  Added some
	harmonies to Capers.  Taking some 
	mixes from  Allen's Glyn Johns set-up 
	to Patrick for feedback.

011618	Added some more convincing vocal
	takes to Glad To Pass On.  Also added
	backing vocals and hand claps.

011518	Worked a bit on the lead vocal for
	Glad To Pass On.

011218	Learned how to use Beat Detective vs
	Quantizing to adjust the timing of
	audio rhythm tracks.

011118	Sorted all of the buses and committed
	all of the mellotron parts.  Added some
	shakers and cabasa to Nellie Ordinary.

011018	Added another dozenish takes of the 
	lead vocal for Land Ho!

	Listened to 30+ It's Wandering lead vocal 
	takes.  Drilled it down to 21 that have useful

	Teleconference with Allen.  Tweaking
	the balance of click track and reference

010918	"It's Wandering" needed a better vocal
	take so of course I added a cabasa
	track instead.  And maracas.

010818	Allen sent 6 takes of 20,000 Days
	for my listening pleasure.

	Finished lyrics for Capers and tried 
	a few vocal takes.

	Settled on verse lyrics for Boyfriend
	and sang about16 takes.

	Had to upgrade my DropBox account
	to accomodate Allen's drum takes.

010718	No blog entries means nothingood.

010418	Bryan and I ran through the set.

010218	And I did.  He now has
	everything until somebody tells 
	me I need to write more songs.

	Sent Allen:

	Wrong Star
	Long Dry Walk

	Need to sex up It's Wandering
	and Capers before sharing.

010118	Allen sent me some test files to
	make sure we were going to be
	able to communicate.

	And I did.

	Intend to send Allen 4 or 5 more
	songs today.  Likely:

	Nellie Ordinary
	Glad To Pass On
	Bon Voyage
	Is This Your Thing?

	I still need to do work on all
	of those but they are together
	enough to drum to.  That just

	Long Dry Walk
	Wrong Star
	It's Wandering
123117	Had a good state of the union
	review with Michael.  I need

122117	Had a little groove pop up in my 
	brain.  Recorded bass, drums, 
	guitars, organ and some vocal

	Dave sent me a sample of factory
	machine noise that I had asked for.
	Fooled with resampling it with the 
	SSD Trigger, which is in Dynamics, 
	for future self.,

121617	Strung up the battered Yamaha
	in a Nashville Tuning and aped the
	acoustic guitar parts in Capers.

121517	The two same-age, bass-playing 
	Daves will be at the Rundgren 
	show tomorrow.  They have yet to

121417	Rehearsal with Bryan.  Working
	out Capers.  Bryan brought his
	mandolin and Seagull acoustic
	so of course we had a Beatles
	sing-along after.  Note to self:
	Listen to Spooky Tooth's version
	of I Am The Walrus.

121317	Finalized the arrangement for 
	Capers (Harbor Breeze) and sent
	off a copy to Dave and Bryan.

120917	Still futzing with the arrangement
	of Capers.  Need to re-cut nearly
	all of the parts.

120717	Rehearsal with Dave and Bryan.
	Dave and Bryan sang Beatles
	songs afterwards.

	Sent Dave a demo of Capers.

120617	Michael's birthday!

	Bryan turned me onto Nashville
	tuning.  Ordered some strings.
	Gauges are 10-14-09-12-17-25.

120517	Got the new solos back from
	Danny Button.  Way good!

120417	Smeared the Kent Americana
	all over Bon Voyage.  Not sure
	if P will keep any of it.

	Still trying to muscle Capers
	into something.  Getting awfully

120217	Going to try to put down some
	keeper parts for Capers today
	and squeeze it in for Land Ho!

113017	Good rehearsal with Bryan and
	Dave.  Should have several 
	contiguous sessions in before

112917	Talked to Danny Button about
	getting some additional takes
	of the Is This Your Thing solo
	with more of a dirty 1960s
	vibe.  I thought he might be
	annoyed but, as always, he
	was positive, enthusiastic and 
	committed to coming up with
	the best part for the song.

112717	Spent some time arranging
	the different parts in Capers.
	Tried some different approaches
	to the opening line of 
	It's Wandering.  Considering
	resurrecting Sue's Green Dress
	for this album as a Her Majesty
	add on somewhere.  It fits the
	theme nicely.

112617	Sent the first three songs
	off to Allen for drums - 
	20,000 Days, Land Ho! and
	Around The World in 20,000

112517	Shannon added vocals to
	20,000 Days, Land Ho! and
	Around The World in 20,000

112417	Rachel tracked vocals on
	20,000 Days, It's Wandering,
	Around The World in 20,000
	Days and Land Ho!

112217	Going to start sending
	Allen songs this weekend.
	Going to try to have 6
	ready by then.  Added a
	half-dozen vocal takes to
	It's Wandering.

112017	Michael and I ran
	through some artwork
	options and then
	listened to what we
	have ready for Land Ho!
	He felt like we should
	include Wrong Star and
	Long Dry Walk.  We'll
	at least send them to
	Allen and see how they
	feel with some marvelous
	drum parts.

111717	Sent Dave the last
	of the three songs
	that need bass parts.

	producing a multi-band
	show for our first

111617	First rehearsal with
	Bryan and Dave in
	3 weeks.  Bryan 
	surprised me by playing
	Around The World In
	20,000 Days on an 
	acoustic guitar just days 
	after I sent him the demo.  
	The practice went 
	surpisingly well.  The
	holidays will probably
	slow us down but we're 
	getting awfully close.

111517	Potentially have a flautist 
	(Jazzy Jazz Miyagi) 
	lined up for Nellie Ordinary.  
	Sent off the current version 
	of the song for consideration.

	Got Land Ho! pedal 
	steel parts back from
	Terry Gann.  Land Ho!

	Added shaker eggs, 
	maraccas, tambourine 
	and wood blocks to
	20,000 Days.  Added
	more vocal takes.

111417	Started to lather flesh 
	on 20,000 Days.  I like
	where it's going.  Both
	it and the reprise are
	Get Happy sparse in
	terms of changes.

	Sorted through some
	more images looking
	for inspiration for 
	Land Ho! artwork.

111317	Added a million slide
	parts to Around The World
	but they seem to
	clutter an already noisy
	song.  Will let P decide.
	Set copies of the rough
	draft to Dave and Bryan
	so that we can pop it
	in the set.

111217	Fixed an error with the 
	lyric display application.

	Finished AWI2KD but
	now am thinking about
	editing in a bridge.  I hate
	editing in bridges.

111117	Got scratch vocals and guitar
	down for 20,000 days.  It's 
	going to go fast.

	Have nearly finished Around 
	The World In 20,000 Days.
	Just need to comp a lead

	Here's the current track listing
	for Land Ho! in my mind.

	Kill Me (now Bon Voyage)
	Land Ho!
	20,000 Days
	Is This Your Thing?
	Nellie Ordinary
	Glad to Pass On
	It's Wandering	
	Around The World In 20,000 Days
	Thanks means pushing 

	Wrong Star
	Long Dry Walk
	into the box where Dingus 
	and about 30 other partially
	recorded songs live.  Potential
	Bomb Pop Innuendo material.

111017	Fluffed up Around The World.

110817	Talked to P about adding
	accordion to Land Ho!

	Added SoundToys Little
	Plate reverb to Pro Tools.
	Recorded the framework
	for Around The World In
	20,000 Days.  Will do
	20,000 Days tomorrow.

110417	I dreamt of some puns
	about biblical characters
	for Around The World
	In 20,000 Days.  I was
	given the title too.

110217	Got guitar parts back
	from Danny for Is This
	Your Thing.  Good stuff
	as always.

110117	Asked Patrick if he
	wanted the completed
	songs for Land Ho as 
	they were finshed or all 
	at once.  Decided on all 
	at once.

	I've traded recording for 
	rehearsing for the last 
	few months but need to
	get ready to start sending
	Allen songs for drums 
	before Thanksgiving.  Am 
	committed to going through
	everything over the next
	10 days and evaluating
	which songs are finished
	and which still need bits.
	Still need to write a few 
	more too, which fortunately
	is happening organically.

	Her Bows one year-old

101917	Added 20,000 Days to the
	set.  Dave brought a Shure
	SM58 Beta for me to try
	out, which I dug.

101217	Ran through the 19 song
	set with Bryan and Dave.
	Broke a string on the 
	Ephiphone less than a 
	week after re-stringing it.
	Talked with Bryan about
	contributing parts to
	"Land Ho!".

100617	Fourth rehearsal with Dave 
	and Bryan.  Should have an
	hour of stuff ready to go in
	early November.

093017	Adding Three Bells, Ordinary 
	Guy and Girl for Samson's End 
	of  Summer to the set.

092817	Talked with Michael about
	a title for the 4th album and
	artwork.  He's on board with
	Land Ho! for the title and 
	my concept for the front
	and back covers.

	Third rehearsal with Bryan 
	and Dave.  Bryan is ready to
	add a few more songs so
	will learn Three Bells and
	something else.

092217	Second rehearsal with Bryan 
	and Dave.  Added Puff Adders
	and Falstaff to the set.

091817	Still rehearsing a 45 minute
	set instead of recording.
	Land Ho and Is This Your Thing
	are out getting guitar parts.
	Will probably start sending Allen 
	songs for drums in October.

091517	Played around with a cover
	for the new album.  Going with
	Land Ho until something 
	better happens along.

091417	Dave and I ran through the
	set with multi-instrumentalist
	Bryan Mace.  Very excited
	about the potential.

091317	Patrick Meagher signed up
	for mixing and mastering 
	the 4th album.  Big relief
	for me.

083117	Dave and I romped through
	the set.

082817	Chris Ruzich came by and
	helped flesh out a song 
	he submitted as a bass idea
	earlier this year.

	Michael brought the congas
	by for our rehearsals.

082517	ReverbNation chart plummet.
	Held the number 5 spot
	for our city for about 6 weeks
	but have since dribbled down
	to number 10.  I think all this
	means is that I need to post
	new content.  A new picture
	and a blog entry would probably
	stave off our disappearing 
	entirely from the front page.

082417	Dave and I ran through the set.
	Trying to get the science-y bits
	worked out so that we can get
	it to the place where we can
	drink while we play.

082317	Still trying to run through the 
	set once or twice a day to get
	in playing shape

	Please consider this public 
	record proof of ownership of 
	the following band name:

	Touch Manly & the Bomb Pop Innuendo

	While I am googly-eyed by the 
	thrilling possibilities of writing 
	songs as TM, I am not made of 
	wood and will consider any 
	obscene offer for purchase. And 
	by obscene I mean a figure high 
	enough that my bank won't allow 
	me to cash the check at the drive 
	through.  Like, they would need 
	me to come in and show a bunch 
	of credentials.  Which I totally 

082117	Filmed the changes in the sky
	during the eclipse for incidental 
	footage for White Girl but there 
	were dust spots on my sensor.

	Sang another dozen takes of
	Land Ho.

081917	Sent Dave (bass), Terry Gann 
	(pedal steel) and Michael (piano)
	a demo of Land Ho!

	Michael and I went shopping!

081817	Ayo McPherson tracked congas
	on Nellie and Is This Your Thing.

	Worked on the B section of 	
	Land Ho.

081717	Ran through the set with Dave.
	John Bara sat in on congas.

	Yahoo suggests that, while
	searching for Johnny Marie
	& the Lonesome Petunias, 
	you may have intended to
	search for:

	breanne marie & the front porch sinners
	jan marie & the mean reds
	donny & marie
	marie & the papaya girls
	beautiful day marie & the redcat
	marie & the misfits
	marie & the boys dance band
	andrea marie & the magnolia band

	I don't agree.  I think you were
	spot on.

	Here's a whimsical look at the 
	current "Similar Artists" list from

	The Delta Riggs
	Revolution, I Love You
	Paul Weller

	I think Paul Weller is on the
	list because we both fret
	over gum recession and bone 

081617	Did some base touching
	with the videographer.

	Sending Is This Your Thing
	off to Danny Button.  Talking
	to conga players.

	Current live setlist clocking
	in right at 30 minutes without
	jibber jabber, tuning or 
	replacing broken strings:

	Little Something
	Sultan Eyes
	Kitty Can/nothingood/White Girl
	Billy Corgan's Caddilac
	My Sweet Lord/Toast & Marmalade For Tea/Trashbag Launderette
	Wrong Star
	It's Wandering

081517	Gardenaire (the song) now
	has over 1,000 streams on
	Pandora Radio.

081417	Recorded demo-y parts for
	Land Ho and Melody
	Maker.  Recorded more soft
	lead vocals for Nellie Ordinary.
	Fooled around with the solos
	in Is This Your Thing.

081317	Added some chaotic solos
	to Is This Your Thing.

080917	juiceboxberries is now one

080617	Lots of stuff going on.  I'm
	so focused on this new
	album that I'm startled
	whenever something good
	floats down the river from
	Gardenaire - which has only
	been out for 3 months.

080517	Michael may have scored
	us a conga player for
	recording and performance.

080417	Michael added backing
	vocals to Is This Your Thing.

080317	Dave and I ran through a
	dozen songs for our
	future set.  Afterwards
	he added backing vocals
	to Is This Your Thing,
	Wrong Star and It's

080217	The "White Girl" video 
	project is still alive.  Please 
	not-too-long live the 
	"While Girl" video project.

	Tom Bowman doing what
	Tom Bowman does.

080117	Official YouTube page for Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias music and videos.

073117	Made some tweaks to 
	It's Wandering.  Allen
	Johnston is ready to 
	start listening to songs.

073017	Thomas added bass and 
	vocals to It's Wandering.

072917	Rachel added some 
	vocals to Is This Your Thing?

	Got up at 4:30 to quietly
	capture the B part to
	It's Wandering.  Got chords,
	melody, words - the whole
	pile.  Thank you Giant Man.

072817	Fleshing out It's Wandering.
	Thought of a B part right
	before bed that will haunt
	me all night.

072617	There is a clerk at the local 
	grocery store that I used to 
	"know" a long time ago when 
	he worked at a now-defunct 
	music store.  Whenever I see 
	him he always asks after my 
	musical pursuits.  I recently
	answered him by giving him 
	a copy of Gardenaire, which 
	he immediately tried to buy.  
	After a few weeks he asked 
	for one of the other albums, 
	which I delivered today, and 
	again, he insisted on paying 
	for it.  How stand up is that 

072417	MTV Italy treating us
	better than the US.  Fake 

	Cregg optimistic about
	the new t-shirt designs.

072217	Sent a new t-shirt
	design to Cregg.  Got
	the first rough cut of
	the video for White Girl.

072017	Dave add more takes to
	Parasol.  I used a bass
	mistake from Is This Your 
	Thing to build a loop in the 
	outro.  He had a few live
	runs at that.  I decided to
	have it morph from loop to
	live like We Don't Do That.

071917	Talking to another artist
	about a video for White

071817	Finishing up a long
	droning ending to Is This
	Your Thing?

071317	Dave and Michael came
	over and we mostly talked, 
	drank and sang.  Ran
	through some stuff I 
	imagine including in an
	open mic set.

	Song list up for consideration
	for number 4 thus far, or so far:

	Wrong Star
	Long Dry Walk
	Kill Me
	Glad To Pass On
	Is This Your Thing?
	Nelly Ordinary
	Old Clothes

071217	I've been posting some old
	CD artwork mock-ups on
	Instagram and Facebook.

071017	Played with Is This Your Thing?
	some more.

070917	Started fooling around with Is This.
	Your Thing?  Also lathered some
	vocal flesh on Wrong Star.

070817	On this day last year I was listening
	to the juiceboxberries masters.

	Added piano and backing vocals
	to Wrong Star.  Re-sang lead
	in Nellie Ordinary.

070617	Dave came over and tracked bass
	on Wrong Star.  We ran through
	Kitty Can.

070517	Finished up the Kitty Can demo
	and added a million softer vocal
	takes to Parasol.  Dashed off
	some guide tracks for Wrong Star.

070317	Look at how MTV is spoofing users 
	by using a redirect for 
	Johnny Marie on 
	link to bounce to their homepage.

Number 5 on Kansas City's Alterntative charts at ReverbNation just for being organized.

062917	Michael came over and 
	listened to the mostly-finished
	and just-started songs.  He
	really liked Kill Me and wants
	to open the album with it
	I forgot about Long Dry Walk
	and Wrong Star so suddenly
	we have 7 songs in the bank.
	I would like to develop at least
	another 7 before we call it
	soup or whatever you call a
	completed collection of songs.
	Is it soup?

	Smoothed out the changes
	in Boyfriend.  Have 4 songs
	nearly ready to ship to Allen
	for drums.

062817	Played around with a live set
	arrangement.  Doubled the 
	length of Boyfriend and added
	some guitars and bass.

062617	Spent the afternoon setting up
	proper buses and naming tracks
	for the 4 songs that are nearly 
	ready for Allen while "The Trip"
	from 1967 droned.  I'll watch
	anything pre-disco era Bruce
	Dern picture.  The wah-wahier
	the better.

	Michael brought by Gardenaire 
	t-shirt samples.  Had a meeting 
	in the gardens about quantity, 
	sizes etc.

062517	Rachel and Shannon added 
	vocals to Nellie Ordinary, Parasol, 
	Boyfriend and Glad to Pass On.

	Spent the early morning working
	up some covers to worm into
	a live set.  Both Bee Gees-related.

062417	Tweaked Wrong Star, Parasol
	and Boyfriend.

062217	Dave and I put down a scratch
	track for Wrong Star.  Talked
	about doing some 4-5 song
	set shows together.

	Was unfollowed by a handful
	of people for this tweet:

	"On social media, unsigned bands 
	are as vulnerable as the sick and 
	elderly and as invasive and toxic 
	as Giant Hogweed."

062017	That moment when you realize
	you've been mixing with the
	isolation headphones on.

	That moment when you
	realize that there is a 
	pair of hot headphones in
	the room that have been
	bleeding into your tracking.

	Number 5 on ReverbNation's
	Alternative charts for Kansas 
	City.  It's a tin tiera.

061917	Chris came by and recorded bass
	for the outro of Parasol.  He also
	Sang harmonies for Glad To Pass On
	and Boyfriend.

061717	Sang more takes for Boyfriend 
	and fooled with the arrangement.

	Storms overnight.  Trees down.
	Power outages.  Pro Tools
	computer wouldn't power up.
	Dig this - ends up that a single
	plug on the surge protector, the 
	very plug the computer was in,  
	was fried.  Tried another plug
	and protector and the 4th
	Johnny Marie album resumes.

061617	I have musicians scheduled to
	come over and track over the next
	week so am trying to see which of
	the 6 half-cooked songs (Parasol, 
	Nellie Ordinary, Glad to Pass On, 
	Long Dry Walk, Old Clothes, 
	Boyfriend, ) are ready.  I also 
	need to frame out a rollicking
	version of Wrong Star.

061217	Number 7 on ReverbNation's 
	Alternative charts for Kansas City
	in mid-June when the winds are
	gusting from the South.

060917	juiceboxberries now available at

060817	Dave tracked bass on Nellie Ordinary
	and Parasol.  Micahel popped by
	and we talked about some t-shirt

060717	Worked on Boyfriend and Old Clothes.

060617	Popped Three Bells up on ReverbNation

060317	Gardenaire now playing on Pandora Radio

060217	Hung out with 5 Johnny Marie 
	contributors sequentially.

053117	Another re-tooling of Boyfriend.
	Got an idea to make it less
	Violent Femmesy when I
	heard a sort of reggae song
	in an episode of Better Call
	Saul.  Didn't work.

052917	Picked up a six string banjo.
	You're thinking "Oh, banjo
	and a mandolin!  I know
	what you're up to!"  No you

052717	Finally got a chance to sit
	down and paw through
	Danny Button's guitar
	tracks for Parasol.  Delightful
	range of tones and feels.
	Will be difficult settling on
	just one or two.

	Monkeying around with a 

052317	Received the approval notice
	from Pandora for Gardenaire.
	Took two weeks this time.
	Took 1 day for juiceboxberries
	and Her Bows.  Should be live
	sometime in June.

052017	Finally picking up a banjo.
	Already have my eyes and 
	ears on a song for it.

051817	Layed down a foundation for

051717	Sat outside watching birds with
	my 1/2 classical guitar and
	came up with the chords for

051617	Touched base with Terry Gann
	to make sure he was still
	available to contribute some
	lap steel/pedal steel parts.
	Looking forward to dreaming
	up something worthy of 
	Terry's work.

051517	Sent Parasol off to Danny
	for some of his sweet

051217	Delighted to get Danny Button
	to agree to submit some
	guitar parts.  Between he and
	Terry Gann I now have some 
	shiny new tools in the box.

051117	Re-cut all of the falsettos
	in Nellie Ordinary.  Sounds
	much better.

051017	Just got in a fresh batch of 
	"Her Bows" CDs.

050917	YouTube links are now working.

050817	Physical CDs are here and 
	should be available online in
	about a week.

050617	Album is finding it's way around 
	the world. Currently up on iTunes, 
	Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRADIO, 
	Slacker Radio, Napster, Google 
	Play and Microsoft Music. 
	YouTube is slowly adding songs. 
	Pandora will take a few weeks.

050317	Worked s'more on Old Clothes.

050217	Started work on Old Clothes.

043017	Sent MP3s of Glad to Pass On 
	to Chris so that he can develop 
	a bass part.

042617	Pre-order "Gardenaire" at

	Dig: I'm thinking about 
	building a set comprised of
	a song or two from each of 
	the three albums and doing
	a few open mic nights to
	try to "move some units."
	I have mentioned this to my
	circle of friends so many times
	over the last month that more
	than once I have heard "Yeah, 
	you were saying something 
	about that." in reply.

042517	Digital Distribution launched.
	On target for a May 5

042417	Issue with the resolution of 
	one of the images so I went
	back to the lot and pulled the
	image to re-scan it.  While
	looking through the slides
	from the roll of film I found
	a second shot that was
	wonderful and I'm using it
	for the CD image.  A
	Passion Play.

042217	Order placed for Gardenaire
	CDs.  Also ordered another
	box of Her Bows.

042017	I have the masters, they are
	gorgeous and they will be
	submitted to be printed
	tomorrow.  I think we are
	having a May baby.

041917	Allen is starting to put
	together something that
	will enable him to record
	drums for us from afar.

041817	Still working, very slowly, 
	on Parasol, 123&4 and
	Nellie Ordinary.

041717	I get many lines for
	JMLP songs when I
	have awakened in the
	middle of the night and
	have just about drifted
	back to sleep.  The
	challenge is capturing
	the line without 	
	waking myself back up
	out of the sweet, 
	sweet woozy state.
	Sometimes I can
	memorize it and 
	scribble it down when
	I awake.  I gambled 
	on that last night
	and failed.

040917	Michael and I fooled
	around with the lyrics
	for Nellie Ordinary.

	I've been hammering
	away on Nellie Ordinary
	& pining for the 
	Gardenaire masters.  
	Still hope to get it out 
	in April.

040217	Worked most of the
	morning painting
	noises on the current
	pile of songs.  Started
	work on a sequence of
	guitar chords that 
	Michael brought a 
	few weeks ago.

033117	Ready to track some
	vocals and there goes
	somebody's house 
	alarm.  There are a 
	variety of incidental 
	environmental sounds
	that make their way
	onto vocal tracks - 
	roofers, dogs, loud 
	cars, wrens and 

032917	Bought and installed
	UVI's Mello.

	Michael came by
	and listened to the
	latest stuff.  We
	decided to go ahead
	and order more copies
	of "Her Bows" when
	we submit "Gardenaire".

032617	Still slapping it on.

032517	Ladeling flesh upon
	Parasol, 123&4 and
	Am Again.

032417	Fooled around with 
	some mellotron
	bits in 123&4 and

031917	I want an M-Tron Pro
	because Andy 
	Partridge uses one.

	Worked s'more on

031617	Heaped a bunch of
	guitars and pianos on
	top of one of the bits
	that Chris brought.
	Then, 3 or 4 months
	from now, we'll pay
	somebody to strip it
	all way.

031517	Michael dropped by to
	share a collection of 
	guitar chords he has
	been fooling around 
	with.  I may try to use 
	some of the parts to
	supplement Parasol.

031417	Worked on Parasol.  
	Mainly trying to find
	the melody hidden in
	the naked chords.

	Discovered that the
	masters are still a few 
	weeks away from 
	being in my paws.  
	Poor world.

030517	The first optimistically 
	over-priced Johnny Marie 
	counterfeit CD just 
	showed up on eBay.

030417	Chris came over and tracked
	a fistful of grooves he had
	been saving up.

030317	Went out with the gang to
	see Dave's cover band play.
	Got to meet Danny Button, 
	Tim Kelly and talk Terry Gann 
	into doing some pedal/lap
	steel work for future Johnny
	Marie projects.

030217	Need to do something with
	the phrases "unlaunderable 
	funk" and "Virginians and 

030117	Dave recorded bass for
	Long Dry Walk.  Hung
	out with Michael, Shannon 
	and played our hits until 
	well past my bedtime.

022717	Thomas sent me a track
	order.  I forwarded that
	along with Michael's to

022617	Made arrangements with
	Allen Johnston to drum
	on future Johnny Marie

	Made plans with Chris
	Ruzich to get some bass
	grooves to play with 
	later this week.

	Talked with Patrick about
	shortening the intro to
	Trash Bag Launderette.

022417	Taking the AIFFs
	to Thomas (co-produced,
	mixed and mastered
	"Her Bows") for some
	track order feedback.

	Michael came by and
	gave me his suggestions
	for track order.

022317	Got the Gardenaire
	mixes back from 
	Patrick - including
	all of the edits and
	Jackson Browne.
	I'm still wrestling
	with the intro to
	one song before 
	sending this thing
	off to print.

022017	Fluffed up Long Dry
	Walk with demo 
	bass, drums, organ
	and backing vocals.

021917	Roughed out Long
	Dry Walk structure
	with piano chords 
	for number 4.  I've 
	included a Johnny
	Marie classic along
	with new stuff on 
	each album so 

	Comped the drums
	from last night's 
	session and am 
	starting to zip it up
	for P.  There are so 
	many "OK, this is the
	last *" moments in
	completing an album.

	BTW, taxes were 
	submitted within
	about a minute of
	the zip file upload

021817	Chris came by and 
	recorded several drum
	takes for Jackson
	Browne.  Also added
	some harmonies and
	cow bell.  A proper 
	cow bell at that.  I'm
	talking wooden clapper
	that had to be held
	with his left hand while
	he sticked with his 

	Sent mixing notes to

	Site player feeds are
	still down.

021717	Got the mixes for the
	first nine songs back
	from Paris.  Stunned.
	So lucky to have this
	guy in my corner.
	Had a listen with 
	Dave straight away
	and then later with

	The feeds for the MP3
	players are currently
	unavilable.  Should be
	back up soon.

021317	Sang a few more rounds
	of the bridge so Patrick
	has plenty to work with.
	Chris is coming on 
	Saturday to add
	drums and then this
	thing is off to the
	doctor.  (Patrick is the

	Falstaff now at 300 views 
	while We Don't Do That
	is threatening 600.  All 
	you can hope for these 
	days are ears.

021017	Decided on the 7th to 
	have Chris Ruzich have 
	a  go at the drums for 
	Jackson Browne and
	sent him an .mp3 to
	work with.  Originally I
	wanted Gary Boyle to
	play drums on the song
	but felt like I was running
	out of time.  The idea of
	Chris drumming to his
	own bass tracks appeals
	to me too.  Working with
	Gary will be a pleasure
	I'll save for the 4th album.

020717	Chris Ruzich tracked
	bass for Jackson Browne.

020617	Michael signed off on
	the Gardenaire artwork
	and the lastest version
	of Jackson Browne.

020517	Michael brought over
	the Mackie ProFX12
	because my ONYX820i
	doesn't have enought
	XLR inputs to accomodate
	all of the microphones I
	want to use on the drums.

	More finishing touches on
	the artwork.

020417	Sent a Jackson Browne
	mp3 to Dave for
	possible Swiercinsky

020317	Finished laying out
	the artwork for 
	Gardenaire.  Just
	need to settle on
	fonts and a track

	Touched base with
	Gary Boyle about
	drumming on Jackson

020217	Jackson Browne
	MP3 sent to Chris
	so that he can 	
	develop a part.

013117	Added new takes
	for just about
	everything in Jackson
	Browne.  Just needs
	bass and drums 
	before heading to 
	Paris.  Have a bass
	player lined up next 

013017	Re-sang most of
	Jackson Browne
	and worked some
	more on the 

012917	Made progress
	finishing up
	Jackson Browne.
	Worked up a
	bridge and a lyric
	and added some
	slide guitar and
	keyboard bits.
	Tomorrow I'll start
	replacing idea
	parts with proper

012817	We Don't Do That
	now has over 500
	views on YouTube.

	Added guitars and
	more pianos to
	Now Here and 
	whisked it off to

012717	Lost my nerve with
	Jackson Browne and
	reverted back to the 
	initial notion rather than
	trying to implement 
	older bits into the song.
	This inspired me to 
	dig up one of the earlier
	versions of Pool
	that will work better
	with the temporarily
	discarded bits.

012617	Imported Dave's stand
	up bass part for NowHere.

012517	Windy sent to Paris.

	Worked more on 
	Jackson Browne.
	Thomas came by and
	tracked bass for 
	Windy with the Percision
	fretless and the Music
	Man Sting Ray.

012417	Talked to Gary Boyle
	about drumming on 
	Jackson Browne and
	he's up for it!  Now I
	need to finish it.

	I found a harmony
	and a vocoder part
	that patched up the 
	bit that was 
	annoying me in 
	Windy. Scheduled 
	Thomas to come track 

	Getting close on 
	Windy.  Got 
	NowHere Again
	tidied up and just
	waiting on a bass

	Uploading the 
	outro for Windy.
	Now to finish
	Windy.  Did another
	bass take with the
	Music Man.

	Things I learned about
	Pro Tools today:

	The Insertion Follows
	Playback button is
	EVIL!  Make certain
	that it is not highlighted.

	Control click on a bus
	track will enable
	individual track 

	Control = is the antidote
	for an indadvertant 
	Control W.

012317	Smushed Intro into 
	the start of Jackson
	Browne.  May also
	try to wedge in Bloof,
	another little bit that 
	was born in Houston.

	Intro and Jackson 
	Browne sessions were
	set at 110 and Bloof, 
	with a guitar track, 
	was at 115.  What to
	do?  If I change the 
	tempo it will screw up
	the audio data, right?
	Here's where Paris
	once again pays
	dividends.  He told me
	once to use Elastic 
	Audio to convert the
	audio data to clicks
	which preserved the
	quality of the track
	during the tempo 
	change.  And it did.

012217	Sang a dozen takes
	of the intro to Trash
	Bag Launderette and
	sent it off to Paris.

012117	Dave has started to
	upload takes of
	Trash Bag Lauderette
	to my DropBox.  By 
	the way, he's using
	Stu Cook's 1999 
	Modulus Genesis 5 
	string bass. Stu of 
	course is the bassist
	for Creedence Clearwater 
	Revival and Creedence 
	Clearwater Revisited.

012017	I'm giving Paris Three
	Bells.  Made some 
	progress on Windy but
	still needs some love.

	Working today on 
	resurrecting Windy.  This
	was a song Jason and I
	fooled around with in 
	the early days of this 
	project and was one of 
	the first songs we worked
	on for Her Bows.  I'll
	be giving it a better piano
	performance today and
	re-cut the vocals and

	The outro for this song 
	is an old demo of mine 
	called Today.  I will give
	Paris the option of using
	my original stereo demo
	or the reworking of the
	song I did last year.

	I need to learn how to
	use the Solo Safe function
	in Pro Tools today.  This
	will strengthen and lengthen
	my relationships with
	sound engineers who are
	tasked with mixing my

011917	Uploading Sink Down
	for Paris to mix.  Should
	have Three Bells ready
	this weekend.

011817	Uploading White Girls,
	Gardenaire and Blue in
	the Veins for P to mix.

011717	Added some more
	vocal parts and bass
	lines to Jackson Browne.

	Re-sang all of the bits
	in Blue in the Veins.

011617	Trying to get a couple
	of songs to take to
	Paris tomorrow.  I
	decided on Gardenaire
	and White Girls.
	Trash Bag Launderette
	and NowHere (again) 
	are waiting on a bass
	parts from Dave, 
	I need to add a few
	more vocal takes to
	Blue in the Veins
	and Three Bells and
	Sink Down needs 
	some stretching. 
	Gave back Jezebel's
	Rode NTK.

	Worked more on
	Michael's new song.

011517	Got down the guts
	of an idea Michael

011417	Dave had a go at
	the bass for Trash
	Bag Launderette.

	Latest "Similar Artists"
	from Pandora Radio:

	The Delta Riggs
	Revolution, I Love You

011117	Sent Dave an MP3
	of NowHere Again
	with Allen's drum
	tracks so that he
	can build a bass

	Woke up early and put
	some finishing touches
	on Sink Down.  Will
	run by Michael tonight
	before handing off to

011017	Sink Down is starting to
	sound like Bananarama.

010917	Worked on the outro
	of Sink Down and added
	new vocal takes to 
	Gardenaire and White Girl.  
	Futzed around with vocal 
	melodies for Bloof.

010817	Have a dozen drummers
	to audition but ran out of
	songs that need drums.
	Allen drummed on the
	first 6, I did Sink Down
	and I am thinking of 
	reviving Windy, which
	already has Allen's parts
	on it.  That leaves a couple
	of songs to prepare for

	I think the right way to
	go about this is to 
	schedule drummers in
	2 hour blocks to 
	track the 2 songs.  
	Then we can decide 
	who we got along with 
	and had the best 

010717	Borrowed Jezebel's Rode 
	NTK while my mic is out 
	on loan and am determined 
	to track vocals for all 7 songs 
	with it.

	There's a time when a man 
	has to ask: "Will more 
	songs fall out of my bottom if 
	I buy a 6 string banjo OR a 

	Getting some great drummer
	responses from the ad.  Also, 
	Dave gave me the numbers of
	a couple of people he has
	worked with.

010617	Added some bass ideas
	to Sink Down using
	the Music Man.

	Dave came by and
	hung out for a bit.  Now
	I want a Hulusi.

010417	Re-cut a sloppy acoustic
	in Gardenaire and the 
	Kent Americana in Trash 
	Bag Launderette.

010217	Got drum parts from 
	Allen (with engineering
	help from Thomas 
	Montgomer) for White 
	Girl, Gardenaire, Three 
	Bells, Blue in the Veins, 
	NowWhere (again) and
	Trashbag Launderette.
	An amazing talent
	as you will discover
	once the amazingly
	talented Patrick 
	Meagher has mixed
	and mastered our

010117	So excited about Allen
	coming am I, that I
	put out some feelers
	for drummers to 
	contribute on a more
	regular basis.

	Tuning Drums Day.  Ew.

123016	After enduring months of
	sass and shaming from
	Dave and Thomas I finally
	invested in some quality
	guitar and mic cables.

122916	Thomas had another go 
	at bass (fretless Percission 
	and Music Man Stingray) 
	for White Girl, Gardenaire 
	and Three Bells.

	Need to buy Allen sticks
	for Monday.   5B-7A.

122816	Thomas had a go at bass
	parts for White Girl and
	Gardenaire.  Michael 
	came by and we ate

122616	After trying every gimmick
	I could think of to occupy 
	a moment in White Girl 
	I finally settled on just a 
	classical guitar and piano 
	and I like it super much.

122416	"juiceboxberries" Similar Artists
	list on iHeart Radio:

	David Gilmour
	Dave Lee Roth

	I don't know whether to
	laugh or whimper or wheeze.

122216	Scheduled time with Thomas
	next week to record bass for 
	White Girl and Gardenaire.

122116	Michael and I pawed through
	the fragments of songs we
	have saved up to see what
	is worthy of pursuing.

	Re-cut all of the guitars in
	White Girl to my satisfaction
	only to discover that a mic
	in the room wasn't completely
	muted so there is significant
	bleed because I used the 
	monitors instead of
	headphones.  Still, the 
	arrangement of the song
	is complete and I only
	need to up the quality
	of some of the parts.

121916	Big boxes of guitar tracks 
	on White Girl.  I am in the
	removing spices stage of
	arranging the song.

121816	Still dry humping White Girl
	trying to create sparks.

121716	Smashed two ideas together
	and What a Day for the White Girl
	is born.

121316	Her Bows on Pandora Radio

121016	The juiceboxberries cover
	has magically re-appeared
	on Pandora.  Long live

120916	Michael and I spent the
	evening listening to
	songs and making notes.
	Both took a couple of
	stabs at drunkenly 
	bellowing parts during
	the outro of Trash Bag.

120716	The chalky little turd that 
	is my muse gave me 
	enough words to finish
	Gardenaire today.  Added
	better vocal takes on 
	Three Bells, Gardenaire
	and Trash Bag Launderette.

120516	Focused on getting some 
	good takes of the Trash
	Bag Launderette intro
	with the new verse.

	Patrick Meagher is going
	to be mixing and mastering
	the next album.

120416	Gardenaire, Three Bells,
	Trash Bag Launderette &
	Blue in the Veins sent to

120316	"juiceboxberries" and 
	"Her Bows" now at 
	Mills Record Company
	in Westport.

	Added loads of guitars
	to Three Bells.

	Set up a basic template,
	cover image and fonts
	for the alternate album

	Always enjoy watching the 
	JMLP Similar Artists list
	on Pandora Radio evolve
	as we add albums:

	Similar Artists

	Angels & Airwaves
	The Delta Riggs
	Brad Laner

120116	Cut some Blue in
	the Veins vocal tracks 
	with the new lyrics,   
	made the Three Bells
	arrangement match
	my latest revisions
	and re-sang the intro
	to Trash Bag Launderette.

	I've been getting lyrics
	in the middle of the night
	lately.  Got a verse for
	Launderette on the 30th
	and 3 verses for Blue
	in the Veins last night.
	Sleep would have been
	nice but some people
	can't sleep and get 
	nothing in return for 
	their suffering.

113016	Dave played around with
	bass parts for Gardenaire,
	Three Bells and Trash Bag

112816	Lathered more meat upon
	Gardenaire, Three Bells and
	Trash Bag Launderette.

112616	Fleshed out Gardenaire and
	sent Dave a copy to use to
	develop a bass line.  Then it's
	off to Allen for drum consideration.
	Going to try to finish Three Bells

	...and worked on Trash Bag 
	Launderette instead.

112416	Had a little challenge today.
	Gardenaire was built from
	some bits I recorded in Houston
	on a MacBook.  I guess when
	I imported them into Pro Tools 12
	the session defaulted to 44.1 kHz 
	instead of 48 kHz, which is what 
	I use for everything else.  So, 
	when I would exit a Gardenaire 
	session and load something 
	else Pro Tools would freak out
	about the difference and I
	would have to continually exit
	and restart.  How could I
	convert Gardenaire to 48 kHz?
	I tried creating a new session
	at 48 k and then importing the 
	44.1 project.  This fails because 
	the import screen (and this is
	a well-documented issue) is
	longer than the computer screen
	and if you attempt to resize it
	it disappears.  Went for a walk
	to think about it.  Came back,
	opened up Gardenaire, launched
	the Save As process and 
	discovered that it had an option 
	for the frequency!  Worked
	like a charm.  Rock and also 

112116	Added a moog solo to 

112016	Back from a short trip south.
	Took one of the old MacBooks
	for Garageband and a half-sized
	classical guitar to write with.
	Got the guts of Gardenaire.

111116	Made a new project out of the
	old NowHere ending and fleshed
	out a new little guitar ditty.  I'm
	starting to feel juicy again.

	Saving some time today to explore:

	Indian Run - Spindrift
	Everything Happens for the Best - Dick Flood
	Going Nowhere - The Nukes
	Tid Tom Ta Lai - Man City Lion
	Floating on a Cloud - Christopher Blue
	Poo Yai Lee/Green Onions - Louis Kennedy
	Suppanahong - Johnny Guitar
	Brave Awakening - Terry Reid
	Dont Worry Tracy - Christopher Blue
	Close to Me - Charles Manson
	Dreaming Casually - Little Willie and Thee Midniters
	You Said I'd Never Love Again - Faye Tucker
	Baroque #1 - Ultimate Spinach
	Nom Sami Mai - Saknatee Srichiangmai

110916	Physical CDs available at cdbaby.

	The moment you find yourself believing that somehow 
	you can survive this, visualize how happy Ted Nugent 
	is right now.

110716	Physical CDs mailed off and should be available
	online in a few days.

	Working on resurrecting Windy,  Starting by
	striking the intro and upgrading some of the

110416	CDs should arrive today.  CD release party tonight.

	"Her Bows" should be up on Pandora in a few

110316	Her Bows now on YouTube, Spotify and 
	Slacker Radio.

110216	Got together and ran through Three Bells 
	several times live.  Shannon showed up
	and we retired to the piano with Dave's
	stand up bass and ran through Carly
	Simon songs.

The Uncle Devil Show/Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias

	Michael pointed out how similar
	the colors for the album artwork 
	of "juiceboxberries" and The Uncle
	Devil Show's "Terrible Beauty"
	are.  This pleases me.

110116	Allen Johnston coming on Jaunary 3rd 
	to record drums on the 3rd album.

	Her Bows now
	available at

	Her Bows now available

	...and no, I don't have an issue with Billy 
	Corgan. Billy Corgan's Cadillac just sounds 
	awesome together, it rhymed with the 
	gibberish that was holding its place and
	he does happen to be a popular music 
	rebel who ended up doing pretty well 
	financially.  It wrote itself.

103116	And we have liftoff.

	Day six of waiting on the review results 
	for digital distribution of Her Bows.  It 
	took just 3 days for juiceboxberries.

102816	Player and store
	for Her Bows now
	up!  Physical CDs
	available in about
	2 weeks.

	Already lobbying for "Trashbag Launderette"
	as the title for the 3rd album.  Current 
	response from Forlorn Petunioideae
	is frosty.

102716	You can listen to Her Bows and 
	Billy Corgan's Cadillac here and 

	I always forget how long the CDBaby
	Digital Distribution process takes to
	finalize.  It took 4 days for juiceboxberries
	so we are probably looking at Her Bows
	being dumped on the planet by 11/01/16.

102616	Final master in hand and uploading the
	songs to be printed. If I can get the 
	artwork done today this little monster will 
	be leaking onto the web by the weekend.

102516	Now that I am about a day away from
	pulling the trigger on this album I am
	getting cold feet on the artwork.  I sent
	a PDF to Graeme Walker for feedback
	yesterday and he helped me with
	some justification issues.  Just
	wringing my hands now over the title


Track 1 "Her Bows"
0:00.000/4:38.980 (4:38.980 runtime)

Track 2 "Juno Contacto"
4:38.980/7:54.231 (3:15.250 runtime)

Track 3 "Billy Corgan's Cadillac"
7:54.231/12:21.826 (4:27.594 runtime)

Track 4 "Jacob's Ladder"
12:21.826/16:21.575 (3:59.749 runtime)

Track 5 "nothingood"
16:21.575/21:13.187 (4:51.612 runtime)

Track 6 "Pool"
21:13.187/24:41.704 (3:28.517 runtime)

Track 7 "Cleo the Liar"
24:41.704/27:48.240 (3:06.535 runtime)

Track 8 "Maryland Mansion"
27:48.240/30:25.837 (2:37.597 runtime)

Track 9 "NowHere"
30:25.837/34:14.464 (3:48.627 runtime)

Track 10 "Ordinary Guy"
34:14.464/36:47.991 (2:33.526 runtime)

Track 11 "Corky Finds Something"
36:47.991/38:49.237 (2:01.246 runtime)
(38:49.237 total runtime) 

	Graeme Walker is giving me 
	some 11th feedback on the
	CD artwork.

102316	Got mastered album back from 
	Thomas. Gave it one run through 
	today.  Will listen s'more tomorrow.

102116	Waxing nostalgic listening to the 
	nearly completed 2nd album.  We 
	started writing and rehearsing songs 
	for Her Bows in early December of 
	last year (with Allen recording drums 
	for Windy and Corky on New Years 
	Eve) and finished with Ordinary Guy 
	on October 7th.  I've learned so much 
	during the making of this album.  Corky 
	was started on the MacBook using 
	Garageband (the same setup we used 
	for juiceboxberries) so I had  to learn Pro 
	Tools 12 and a lovely variety of plug-ins 
	during the making of.  I think it was more 
	fun to make because we were starting to 
	get more comfortable with the writing and 
	recording process.  Less flailing around.

	Listened several times to the tracks in 
	sequence to get a feel for how the album 
	will flow.  Thomas is now working on the

	Got the track sequence for Her Bows from

	Her Bows
	Juno Contacto
	Billy Corgan's Cadillac
	Jacob's Ladder
	Cleo the Liar
	Maryland Mansion
	Ordinary Guy
	Corky Finds Something

102016	Worked up a guitar solor for MTTROM.

	Single mixing adjustment from last 
	night's session sent to Thomas.

101916	Listened to Her Bows mixes with Dave 
	and Michael.  Dave had a run at bass 
	on the temporarily named Michael to the 
	Right of Me.

	Purchased the Vahalla Vintage reverb and 
	like it.  Room and Plate will follow.

101816	Paris and Thomas have talked me into
	getting te Vahalla Plate, Room and
	Vintage reverbs.

101716	Played around with some vocal ideas for 
	Michael to the Right of Me.

101616	Added an M-Audio SP-Triple Keyboard 
	Pedal with Sustain, Soft, and Sostenuto 
	Functions to the studio.  Pretty sure I'll 
	only ever use the sustain.

101116	A horrific escalation of tinnitus symptoms
	after spending most of the day under 
	headphones.  Going to take a break
	for a week and then ease back into aural 

101016	Listened to the latest mixes with Thomas.
	We're very close.

	Played around with Hashtag Laundromat
	for a few hours.  Added piano, drums, 
	acoustic, tamby and some scratch

100916	Pick up a copy of juiceboxberries in 
	Japan for just  1,400.

100816	Ran into Dennis Jones at
	a party.  Dennis recorded
	one of my early bands at 
	Hear Hear.  My first time
	in a studio.  He recorded
	us on 4 track.  Tape.  
	With a spring reverb.

	Added Slate Digital 
	Trigger Platinum Drum 
	Replacement Software 
	to the JMLP studio.
	I'm just old enough
	that I'm still uneasy
	about spending 
	money on something
	that you download vs
	something gleaming
	and blinking in a rack.	

	Speaking of racks, 
	I almost bought a 
	used Roland GP-100
	because GFS used
	one all the way through
	"12".  It then struck
	me that we didn't 
	use it on "Sleepnovox"
	because it had died.
	Reset shopping cart.

100716	Ordinary Guy 
	handed to Thomas.
	Future moments to
	celebrate: completion
	of mixing, completion
	of mastering, CDs in
	hand and digital

100516	Added one last 
	Ordinary Guy vocal
	take and have the
	files ready to go to
	Thomas on Friday.

100416	Added an Ordinary Guy
	vocal take.

100316	Got a decent vocal take
	for Ordinary Guy.  Wasn't
	happy with the tube preamp
	settings so will have another
	go tomorrow and then off
	to what we in the business
	calll "Post Production" or

	Thomas is having a difficult
	time replacing the piano
	parts with the new samples
	because they have already
	been slip-edited and/or
	automated.  This makes
	it challenging to import
	and lineup the new parts.
	Fortunately it only 
	involves 4 songs.

100216	Since we are about done
	with Her Bows I began the
	process of adding some
	of the ideas that I had 
	on my phone to Pro Tools.
	We already have about 8
	songs in various states of
	undress so it's not going
	to take long to come up 
	with another 10 good 
	ones for our third album.

	More Ordinary Guy vocal
	takes.  Thomas may have
	to build this syllable by

100116	Met with Thomas.  Gave
	him NowHere and talked
	about mixes.

	Paris told me to get the
	Native Instruments 
	Alicia's Keys sample
	package for piano.  And
	I did.  Big memory hog
	but the samples are nice.
	Converted the pianos in
	Billy Corgan, Juno Contacto,
	Jacob's Ladder and Cleo
	the Liar.

093016	Had a bit of a cookout
	with most of the key
	players in attendance.

	Everybody signed off on
	the alternate NowHere
	ending.  Will give that
	to Thomas this weekend.
	Artwork has also been

092716	Three more Ordinary Guy
	vocal takes.

092616	Got the recording of
	the machinery from
	Dave and it fits better
	than I had dared to 
	imagine.  Or something 
	like that.  Nice fit.

	Going to track a few
	more vocals for 
	Ordinary Guy today
	and  then hand this 
	albatross off to Thomas.  
	This will just leave NowHere 
	and it's mystery ending as
	the last problem to solve.

092516	Becoming more
	sure-handed with Illustrator
	and the album cover is
	looking more like an
	album cover.

092416	Now that I'm responsible
	for my own product I 
	recall with new eyes
	Paris hastily cross-fading
	and consolidating regions
	before Thomas could see
	them during the Sleepnovox
	sessions.  That little trick
	resides somewhere 
	between wearing a padded
	bra and changing your test
	score from a B to an A.

092316	Sent Thomas notes for the
	mixes.  Had a few more runs
	at Ordinary Guy and the end
	of NowHere.

092216	Dave recorded some clanky
	and hissy machine sounds 
	that we want to use in 

092116	Set up Her Bows as a new
	project with DiscMakers so
	that I can test my work as I
	learn Illustrator 10.  Have
	created the jacket and CD
	artwork and added text 
	and everything looks good
	so far,.

	Listened to the NowHere
	ending over and over and
	finally threw up my hands
	and just cut the swing part
	and tripped out the ending.
	Now I have to sell it to my

	I want to try some voice
	doubling on the lead for
	Ordinary Guy at the end
	of the week.

092016	Thomas printed (vs bouncing)
	me new mixes of the 
	stuff he's finished and it is
	amazing.  The difference
	between printing and bouncing
	is amazing and his work is

	Dave feels like the swing
	part in NowHere may not
	require a team of Super 
	Friends to make it work
	so I will play with 
	re-cutting some drum
	takes over the next 
	few days so that we can
	get it to Thomas.

091916	Recorded drums for an
	idea I had and a B part
	for Three Bells.  Tried
	some more Ordinary
	Guy takes but the
	work over the weekend
	was better.

091716	More vocal takes for
	Ordinary Guy.  Hit the
	128 audio tracks maximum
	and had to go on a 
	killing spree.

091616	Still trying different vocal
	approaches to Ordinary Guy.
	Thomas plans to have mixes
	for Pool and Billy Corgan 
	early next week.

091516	Fresh box of juiceboxberries
	CDs arrived.

091416	Dave had a gig so Michael 
	and I spent the session 	
	going over album cover
	mock-ups.  Agreed in
	principle on a title,
	cover and back cover.

091216	Worked some more on the 
	Ordinary Guy vocal.  That 
	song will be ready to go
	once I get a good take, 
	leaving NowHere and its
	swing part at the end as
	the last song to finish.

091016	Did some album cover mockups.
	Kristen ITC for JMLP and Vijaya
	for the title both using #DDD771
	and Mangal for the 2nd option
	using #D7E0E9 for JMLP and
	#F6F9FD for the title.  Toying
	with Her Boys, NowHere and
	nothingood as titles.

090916	Thomas came by and recorded
	a piano part during the Billy
	Corgan outro and a bass part
	for Ordinary Guy.  He took
	home Billy Corgan for
	mixing.  Two to go.

090716	Dave had a go at the verses
	Ordinary Guy and added a 
	a few more bass passes to
	Billy Corgan.  We listened to
	some of the finished mixes.
	Thinking this album could be
	done by Thanksgiving.

	Dave left a microKORG
	at the studio.  Look out.

090516	Did another 3,000 vocal 
	takes on Ordinary Guy, a
	song challenging my Three
	Blind Mice comfort zone.

	Finishing up Jacob's Ladder
	to give to Thomas tomorrow.
	That leaves Ordinary Guy,
	Billy Corgan's Cadillac and
	NowHere to tidy up before

090416	Sent off a current version of
	the swing bit at the end of
	NowHere to Dave Bostwick.

090316	Rachel and Shannon added
	backing vocals to Ordinary Guy
	and Jacob's Ladder.

090216	Ordered another pile of CDs.

090116	...and Pool delivered to

	Thomas brought over a mix
	of nothingood and we talked
	about it.  I played him Pool
	and Ordinary Guy.

	Re-sang Pool and added
	some harmonies to Jacob's

083116	Michael and I listened to
	the balance of songs to
	be mixed but the important
	thing is that he actually
	said "...jazz, to the point
	of stripper."

	Thomas dropped off an 
	extended version of Her Bows
	to audition.  It's growing
	on me.

082716	Another session working on
	Pool.  Getting close.

082616	Spent some time trying to
	sex up Jacob's Ladder.  I
	don't think that I succeeded.

	Also spent some time 
	working on Pool and think I
	may have gotten closer to 
	improving the chorus.
	There is that moment, at the
	height of deconstruction, that
	panic sets in and you wonder
	if you should try to refill the
	hole you just spent an hour
	digging.  I kept digging.

082516	Added more vocal takes to
	nothingood and whisked it
	off to Thomas.

082416	Dave and I listened to mixes 
	and decided that nothingood
	and Billy Corgan's Cadillac
	were ready to send to Thomas.

	We talked about how the 
	swing part at the end of 
	NowHere isn't working and
	he suggested getting some
	proper musicians together
	to record the bit and set
	the wheels in motion.  How 
	neato is that?

	According to Pandora, similar
	artists include:

	Angels & Airwaves
	The Delta Riggs
	Brad Laner

	"To start things off, we'll play a 
	song that exemplifies the musical 
	style of Johnny Marie & the 
	Lonesome Petunias which features 
	punk influences, mild rhythmic 
	syncopation, mixed minor & major 
	key tonality, a vocal-centric aesthetic 
	and slide guitars."

082316	Did a few more vocal takes on
	Pool with the tube pre-amp.
	Also tried some alternate takes
	on the chorus.  Still need to iron
	that out and a percussion bit
	that is annoying me.

082216	More vocal takes for Pool, 
	Ordinary Guy and Billy Corgan.
	Added fresh acoustic guitars
	to Billy.

082116	Shannon added vocals to
	Three Bells.

	Thomas has the first 4 mixes
	ready to sign off on.

	Added loads of harmonies to Three
	Bells when I should have been adding 
	loads of chords and verses.  Or 
	finishing the 6 remaining songs for
	the 2nd album.

082016	Added some slide guitar ideas to
	BIlly Corgan and created a demo
	session for Three Bells.

081816	With the keyboard and Pro Tools
	working in harmony I had yet
	another go at tightening up
	the end of NowHere.

	And here is what finally worked:
	Disable the Unknown device
	Power off computer
	Unplug computer
	Plug in computer
	Power on computer
	Correct device found

	One variable that may have been
	critical: I originally had a multi-USB 
	port adapter in-between the keyboard 
	and the USB port that I removed
	for troubleshooting purposes.  
	Apparently Windows wanted to
	see the adapter???

081716	A couple of days spent wrestling with
	what appears to be a common problem.
	Suddenly, after working for months, the
	M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro is no longer
	recognized.  I either get the malfunctioned
	error or the device unknown error.  I've
	dealt with this before but apparently did
	not document the solution. Schmer.

081316	Shannon added harmonies to parts
	of Ordinary Guy and Billy Corgan.

081116	Physical CDs are now available.  Check
	out the Links page for retailer options.
	BTW, these are not CDRs or Pro CDRs.
	These are proper CDs produced at 

081016	Michael and Dave recorded harmonies
	for Billy Corgan's Cadillac and the
	bridge in Ordinary Guy.

	Someone complimented the backing
	vocal arrangements on juiceboxberries
	yesterday, and I realized that we
	haven't done a lot of band harmonies
	on the 2nd record.  So, tonight...

080916	Submitted We Don't Do That and Falstaff
	to Pandora.

080816	More vocal takes for Ordinary Guy, Pool 
	and Billy Corgan.

080716	More vocal takes for Pool and Billy Corgan.

080616	Thomas starting on Her Bows in earnest.

080516	Physical CDs sent to distributors.

	Took a picture of Dave recording bass
	for "Ordinary Guy" and realized that
	nearly every picture of him on the
	site is with the 76 Percision.  This
	despite the fact that he shows up
	every week with an armful of bass

080416	Still waiting for that magic moment when 
	someone other than a team member refers 
	to our organization as JMLP.  Michael
	Jackson taught us that sometimes
	you need to start your own fires.

080316	Juiceboxberries is now available in the US.

080216	Juiceboxberries is now available in Russia.

	Still re-working Pool.

080116	Ratdrangea.  There is your band name,
	debut album title and opening track.

073016	Tore Pool a new one.  Note to future self,
	if there are mutinous cries from your
	comrades you can revert to the version
	from 07/29/16.

072916	Talked for a bit tonight about what we 
	should put on the 2nd album.  Thomas 
	is already working on Corky, Maryland 
	Mansion, Juno Contacto, Cleo the Liar 
	and Her Bows so that just leaves 5
	songs.  We decided to go with 

	Jacob's Ladder  (just need to comp bass)
	NowHere  (EQ swing section)
	nothingood  (all good!)
	Ordinary Guy  (comp bass, sing a few 
	more takes)
	Pool (try live drums and substitute 
	guitars in middle of song with something 

	That will leave Billy Corgan's Cadillac, 
	You Should Be Dancing, Windy, Heron, 
	Dingus and Minor Dingus as starter
	meals for the 3rd album.

072716	Dave tracked bass parts for Billy Corgan,
	You Should be Dancing and Ordinary Guy,
	formerly One Million Chickens.

	Got new mixes of Corky, Cleo the Liar,
	Juno Contacto and Maryland Mansion
	from Thomas.

072616	Digital Distribution process launched.

	Horrors.  Loaded Billy Corgan's Cadillac
	into Pro Tools and it errors out.  Apparently
	it was corrupted when the power went out
	yesterday.  I had a day old backup but
	lost a few things.  Fortunately I remember
	what they were and they are easily 

072516	CDs ordered.  Estimated delivery
	date is August 3rd.  Got started on
	the digital distribution.  Just waiting
	for the ISRC codes.

072316	Today is Upload the Album to be
	Printed Day.  A little intimidating
	as my colleagues in Girl for Samson
	have always taken care of this
	stuff in the past.

072016	Hair is gone and artwork is done.
	The printers and digital distribution
	are the only thing standing between
	me and pennies a day.

	Michael and I worked on something
	we cooked up a couple of weeks
	ago and Billy Corgan's Cadillac for
	the 3rd album.

071916	Got the artwork revisions back from
	Carrie.  I think we found a font for 
	the title we like.  Sent back a text
	mod and a request to remove an
	vintage, errant human hair that 
	apparently was on the slide, 
	narrowly avoiding a butcher cover

071516	E-mailed font revisions for cover art.

071416	Artwork in hand awaiting a handshake
	before calling it done.

071116	Added a few more vocal takes to
	Her Bows and got it packed up and
	ready to go to Thomas for mixing.

	Got a new version of the masters
	for Juiceboxberries from Paris to 
	listen to.

071016	Sent Carrie the text for the back 

070916	Taking Cleo the Liar to Thomas for 
	mixing.  That's 4 of 10.

070816	I have mastered tracks to listen to!

070716	Track order for Juceboxberries sent to P.

Little Something
We Don't Do That
Sultan Eyes
Industrial Debris

062916	Dave tracked bass parts for One Million
	Chickens.  Paris sent the last mix of
	Tambourine so we are down to track 
	listing, artwork and production.

062716	Have mixes of Corky and Maryland Mansion
	back from Thomas.  Taking him Juno
	Contacto tomorrow.

061816	Listened to mixes with Michael.  We
	were talking a little about the artwork 
	when he abruptly decided that he
	liked the mouse cover more than the

061716	Got the lastest mix of On and Tambourine
	from Paris.  We are a sign-off and track
	order away from having this thing mastered
	and printed.

060916	Paris sent me a mix of On.  He did 
	amazing things.

	Gave Thomas Maryland Mansion to mix.

	Contacted someone about doing the artwork
	for Juiceboxberries.

060816	Played Michael the One Million Chickens

	Patrick is starting on the last song
	(On) for Juiceboxberries.

060116	Dave tried some noodling bass parts
	on the fretless during the outro of
	Her Bows.

053116	Re-worked the outro to Pool.  Gave it 
	new guitars.  Probably needs a new
	bass part.

	I've had a string of chords and a melody
	sloshing around in my head that I 
	finally got down in demo form.
	Throw-away title of One Million
	Chickens as a temporary nod to the 
	Cincinnati Zoo incident.

052816	Thomas is nearly done mixing Corky
	and Paris has just about finished
	mixing Tambourine.

	I want to make a video for 
	We Don't Do That.  I have a fistful
	of Canon DSLRs that shoot video
	but wonder if a dedicated video
	camera would be better.  Trying
	to identify any human resources
	that I may have to assist in 
	making this happen.

051816	Michael and I worked on the
	piano for the swing section of
	NowHere.  Dave came by and
	had another go at bass parts for
	Her Bows and Maryland Mansion.
	Determined that those two songs
	are ready to go to Thomas.

051216	Working out some issues that
	are the result of recording with
	Pro Tools 12 and mixing with
	Pro Tools 11.

050316	Handed off On and Tambourne
	to Patrick and Corky Finds 
	Something to Thomas.

050216	Finished prepping On and 
	Tambourine for Patrick to mix.

042916	Changed the bass and drums in
	Tambourine.  You just can't give
	me a song back to before it's
	done because I will dick with it
	and dick with it thoroughly.

042816	Replaced some vocal harmonies
	in Tambourine.  Got the
	new laptop loaded up for
	Thomas to start mixing with.

042616	Listened to Jue Box Berries
	mixes with Dave, Michael and

042516	Worked on the rough mix of
	Tambourine.  Have most of
	the instruments sorted out.
	Just need to check the vocals
	and I can turned it over to
	Grand Master P.

042216	Sent Patrick some mods for
	Industrial Debris and Brought
	a Little Something Down.

	Played Thomas most of the
	songs from the 2nd album.
	Hope to start sending him
	tracks to mix by next weekend.

042016	Michael and I listend to Patrick's
	Juiceboxberries mixes and
	the bulk of the current album.

	Picked up some equipment that
	will get Thomas started mixing the
	2nd album late next week.

041916	Patrick sent me mp3s of the
	5 songs he mixed.  Listening
	wtih Dave and Mike tomorrow

041216	Worked on the NowHere outro.
	Michael and I reviewed some things
	and worked on his 2 songs.

041116	Re-recorded some of the vocal,
	piano, drum and bass parts in On.
	Somehow we lost a bass track in
	the B section.  Tried a few more
	vocal takes in Her Bows.

040616	Dave added a bass in the bridge of 
	Cleo the Liar and in the bridge of
	NowHere.  Michael showed me
	a new idea for a song.  That now 
	makes Michael to the Left of Me
	and Michael to the Right of Me.

040216	Rachel tracked vocals on Cleo the Liar,
	Jacob's Ladder and Maryland Mansion.

040116	So much to do so why not come up
	with another ditty?  Cleo the Liar,
	born this day, 2016.

	Annoyed by a Pro Tools quirk that
	has kept me from mixing On and
	Tambourine.  Let me tell you about
	it now.  I have been recording this
	album at 48k but the two Juice Box
	Berries songs 44.1.  This means
	that every time I load one of them
	Pro Tools has to be restarted, and
	then restarted again when I load
	one of the new songs.  Did the
	Save Copy In option that Paris
	taught me to convert them to 48k
	and it seems to have worked without
	any glitches.

033116	Worked s'more on Jacob's Ladder.

033016	Renamed Fried Fruit to Jacob's Ladder.
	Replaced vocals with fresher versions.

	Had a listen to On and gave the tracks
	meaningful names.  A little painful 
	listening to everything dry.  Poor Paris.

	Listened to some guitar solo ideas
	that John McConnell sent for the
	outro of Pool.

032816	Worked on Fried Fruit vocal parts.

032716	Picked up Steven Slate Drums.  I'm
	learning that you can spend hundreds 
	and thousands on home studio 
	enhancements and nothing in the room 

	Rachel coming over to replace sampled 
	vocal parts in Her Bows.

032616	I'm going to have a go at mixing
	On and Tambourine from the 1st
	album.  Starting with:

	Worked on words and melody
	for Fried Fruit.

	Learned a couple of Pro Tools 
	tricks from Patrick:

	I moved my session files from
	one computer to another and
	now have "missing files" errors
	that won't go away.  P taught 
	me to load the session, 
	suffer through the errors, and
	then use the Copy function
	to save the session as a new
	project.  The new project
	loads without errors.

	I run into timing issues when
	using too many Xpand2
	loops and had been using
	bus routing to convert them
	to audio files.  With Pro Tools 12
	all I have to do is use the Commit
	option to convert them.  Worked 

032416	Sent Pool off to John McConnell
	for some guitarwork at the end.
	Played with some melodies in
	Fried Fruit (which desperately
	needs to be renamed) and 
	laid out some bones for Michael
	to the Left of Me.

032316	Michael and Dave suggested 
	some changes in Pool, which
	I implemented.  Dave sang 
	a harmony in Juno Impacto
	and recorded a scratch bass
	for Fried Fruit.

032116	Worked on Pool.  Added drums
	and more vocal takes.  

	Also re-cut vocals for Her Bows.
	I'm having a difficult time with
	that one.  You can't sing the
	word f****d, especially at the
	height of a melody, without
	sounding like you are 
	emphasizing it.  Please see
	Currie, Justin's When Raymond
	Comes Around and the word 
	c**t for more information.

032016	Pro Tools has been blowing up
	after I close a file and go to
	open a new project or even
	exit.  The drag is that I have to
	reboot the computer.  The
	normal system returns after
	the error but ProTools.exe is
	lodged in memory and can't
	be removed or re-run.  This
	might be due to having to 
	search for missing files
	on a few of the projects upon
	startup.  It never finds them
	but everything is there.

031816	Still managed to get some things
	done.  Took out a drum build
	in Dingus that didn't work and 
	synched up the live drums with
	the percussion loop.  Added 
	tambourine to Juno Impacto
	and took the bass out of the
	intro of nothingood.

	Spent the most time on Pool.
	Added a guitar, organ, 
	tambuorine and re-cut all
	of the vocals.  Tweaked the
	tones and effects so that it
	sounds more like the demo.

	So, I made a list of things
	that need to be done for
	each song and a checklist
	for the day to force myself
	to see this though.  Then
	I saw a squirrel sniffing 
	around a hole in a tree that 
	I knew contained a Starling 
	nest. Are you saying that 
	you wouldn't have grabbed 
	a chair and your coffee and
	watched what happened
	next?  You think I'm made
	of wood?

	Going to make at least one
	improvement on every song
	today.  Hopefully that will
	keep me from making up 
	something new instead.

031716	Worked a bit on converting Pool
	from an interlaced stereo WAV
	demo to a proper Pro Tools
	project file.  That just means 
	re-cutting all of the parts in the
	WAV file.  That's easy enough.
	Getting all of the feels and tones
	right is not.

031616	Played the 'tunias Juno Imacto.
	Wrote out the 8 "completed" 
	(Corky Finds Something, Windy, 
	Her Bows, Maryland Mansion, 
	NowHere, Juno Impacto, nothingood
	& Dingus) songs for Dave to ponder.

	Thinking of creating a sample using 
	Structure Free in NowHere today, 
	just to learn how to use it.  I did.  I
	replaced an annoying part in NowHere
	with samples of the intro and the "shake"
	in the verse.  I like it.

031416	Re-sang main vocal and harmonies for
	Juno Impacto.  Also re-cut piano.

031316	Had a run at the drums in Juno Impacto
	for the first time on the Mackie.  Not bad.

031216	Annoying issue with Pro Tools 12
	clipping note duration when quantizing
	MIDI tracks.  Someone suggested 
	going to Events and using the Remove 
	Duplicate Notes before quantizing to fix 
	the issue.  And ta-da.

031116	The lord done bless me with another 
	chile.  World, meet and ignore 
	"Juno Impacto".  So much easier to 
	write new songs than to finish existing 

030916	The Beatles made me want to play 
	guitar.  George Martin made me want 
	to record it backwards.

	Got the Mackie mixer and the
	FireWire card.  Didn't take long to
	get everybody talking to one another
	but now I have to learn what all of
	the stupid buttons do.

030516	Got off some decent vocal takes
	for Maryland Mansion.  Bought
	a Mackie mixer and some good
	mixing headphones.

030416	Michael worked on Dingus again
	today.  Dave came by later and
	listened to the 2 new songs.

030316	Michael came by a had a few runs
	at the piano on Dingus.

030216	Michael came by and had a listen to
	Maryland Mansion and Her Bows.

022716	Rachel and Kevin came over to record
	more vocals.

022616	Rachel came over and recorded backing
	parts on NowHere, Corky, Windy and

	Was playing with some melodies and 
	phrasing for the New Guitar Song demo 
	and realized that the bits from Pool work 
	perfectly.  Just have to arrange it.

	Dear Jimmy or Johnny or whatever,

	How do I delete volume automation from
	a track in Pro Tools?

	Hi.  How are you?  You can delete the
	automation points by selecting a point
	and pressing Alt and Delete.  Goodbye.

022516	Went through all of the songs on the new
	computer and corrected all of the "broken
	while moving" issues with the exception
	of the missing input errors.  Worked on
	sequencing Maryland Mansion.  Tried
	singing actual words to replace the 
	knock-off bit and still can't best it.

022416	Second Rokit arrived so I unpacked the 
	stands only to discover that the bases
	are too wide to fit in my old configuration.
	Additionally, the old stands were made of
	wood so they were sturdy enough for carpet.
	These wobble terribly so I'm going to have
	to find another solution.  Until then, they 
	sit on the floor.  *sags*

	Spent a long time getting the new computer
	to play nicely with Pro Tools.  It was handy
	having a working set-up on the old computer
	to compare settings.  Finally whupped it.

	Got one of the KRK Rokit 8 monitors yesterday.
	The 2nd should wander in today so that I
	can return Dave's Yamaha HS8s.

022316	Replaced the M-Audio 49e with an M-Audio
	88 key controller courtesy of Steven Brown.

022216	Got the Dell OptiPlex 3020.  Everything
	works fine except that it doesn't see the
	Behringer.  I initially had this issue with the
	original computer so hopefully futzing will
	address the problem.

	Added a scratch vocal with dummy words
	to Maryland Mansion and as usual I really
	like the performance and am not sure I
	can best it.  There's something about those
	reference-later performances.

022116	Instead of finishing the 6 partially-completed
	songs I started a new ditty.  Maryland Mansion
	for now since nobody gave me $10.

022016	Had a listen to a few of the unfinished
	Juiceboxberries mixes with Patrick.
	Pretty exciting.

	More studio upgrades to consider:

	Replace Behringer with a Mackie Onyx 
	1220i FireWire Production Mixer.

	Replace M-Audio 49e with an M-Audio
	61 key controller.

	Maryland Mansion.  That's mine now
	and you can't use it.  Unless you give
	me money.  Like $10.  Or $20.  No,
	no, wait - don't go! $10 is cool.

021716	Michael had a few runs at the piano 
	during the outro of Dingus.

021616	Starting to get intermittent stutters  in playback
	that doesn't effect the recording.  Might be a 
	plug-in but I think it's time to start looking for
	a cheap computer to dedicate to Pro Tools.
	Thinking Dell OptiPlex 3020 Pentium G3240 3.10GHz 
	500GB HDD 8GB Ram Windows 7 Pro 64Bit.

021516	Played Michael a guitar/bass demo last week 
	that I set up in Pro Tools today.  This was 
	another stereo demo in a WAV file from 
	several years ago.  For sketching purposes,
	I imported the WAV file into Pro Tools
	and hacked up the bits to create an
	outline.  I thought of Paris everytime
	I heard a click where I didn't cross-fade.

021316	Met Michael at Joelle's World of Love Benefit Concert.  
	Talked to Victoria about coming by and tracking 
	some vocals.

	For Michael and Dave:

	Zeta One Theme by Johnny Hawksworthy (1969) 

	Tried recording some drum tracks
	for Dingus.  Will try again Monday.

021216	Went to war with Dingus - added a 
	scratch bass part, piano track and did 
	loads of editing.  Should be in good 
	enough shape to show the Lonesome 
	Petunias on Wednesday.

	First order of business, make sure that
	the instruments are all grouped together
	and that the comments are useful in
	all of the songs.  That little task unearthed
	a missing drum track so restoring that will
	be added to today's menu.

021116	Yesterday I came up with an intro for
	Dingus that I'm now considering giving
	life as its own song.  That's they way
	this shit is supposed to work.

021016	Ate hamburgers for a pre-game meal.
	Dave (who shudders everytime he 
	has to plug something into my cheapo
	Behringer mixer) learned and tracked 
	bass partsfor nothingood.

020916	Kept after nothingood all day.  Loads
	of editing, added more vocals, guitars
	and keyboards.  I'm going to try to get
	Dingus this far tomorrow so that we
	have 5 nearly done pies.  Nearly done
	pies are better than a sack of flour
	and an unopened can of dead fruit.

020816	More vocals and first wave of drums
	for nothingood.  More outro vocals and 
	drums for NowHere.  More vocal tracks 
	for Windy and Windy outro.

020616	Lord have mercy.  First day recording
	with Pro Tools 12 and the Behringer. 
	Curiuosly, I had all of the same 
	problems that Bruce did today while
	working on NowHere.  I also started
	to have CPU issues.  Now that my
	audio tracks are not limited I went 
	back to using a Bus for effects for
	the vocals to cut back on plug-ins.
	Finally manged to knock off a three 
	mic drum take or two and tried some 
	more guitar solos with the Strat 
	instead of the Bronco.
	Dear Johnny or Jimmy or whatever, 
	It's me again!  I have 2 fresh problems:

	1) I'm having trouble getting input and
	output from my Behringer XENYX 1204

	2) I'm having dreadful latency issues!


	Dear Bruce,

	1) Check your mixer to verify that the  
	red "2-TR/USB to Main" button is UP 
	and that the red "2-TR/USB" button is 
	DOWN.  Also, in Setup>Hardware
	make certian that you have disabled
	all of the inputs and outputs from the
	sound card unchecked.

	2) Make sure that in Setup>Hardware
	you do not have the Hardware Buffer
	box checked.  You can tweak the
	buffer size at the bottom of the window.

	I love you.

	Dear Johnny or Jimmy or whatever, 
	I have a problem with Pro Tools 12.
	Suddenly the playback has stopped
	working for any of my session files.
	I can see the waveforms but the 
	timeline doesn't move.  Also, is there
	a shortcut for toggling the Edit and
	Mix windows?

	No name?  That's not very friendly.
	Pro Tools wil balk at playing a
	session if it doesn't see the 
	hardware configuration it was 
	expecting.  This could be 
	because you unplugged an
	interface during the session
	without going into Hardware>Setup.

	Ctrl-+ will toggle the Mix and
	Edit windows.

020516	Loaded all of the Pro Tools 8 LE 
	sessions into Pro Tools 12 and
	everything works, all the plug-ins
	are there etc.  I think I am a
	USB expansion device away from
	being fully operational.  Already 
	eyeing the entry level versions of 
	Melodyne - Essential or Assistant.

	Comped Michael and Dave's vocal
	parts from 2/3.

020416	Bought Pro Tools 12.4.0  Now instead
	of an MBox interface taking up a 
	coveted USB slot I have an Ilok.  It 
	sees the Behringer, which is good.  
	Will try some tracking tests tomorrow.

020316	Mike and Dave did Lonesome Petunia
	vocals on Windy, Corky and NowHere.
	Dave had another go at the bass on

	Dear Johnny or Jimmy or whatever, 
	I recently imported some WAV files
	into my Pro Tools 8 LE project and
	now the waveforms are just a flat
	line.  I can hear the audio fine, I
	just can't see it.  Is there anything
	I can do to increase the size of the
	waveform without effecting the volume
	or impacting the other waveforms in
	the project?  Your fan.

	Dear Your, 
	I get this question all the time.  Just
	go to Audio Events>Other>Normalize.
	You're welcome and please don't 
	send money.  To the wrong address.

020116	Worked on NowHere all day.  I 
	have been wanting to re-employ
	some of the Casio SK1 samples
	somewhere in the song and finally
	started that adventure.  Plopped
	them at the start (added 8 measures) 
	and the end.  Did several more takes 
	of the guitar solos and re-sang the

013116	Starting fresh on the Windy outro.
	It was originally built on a very 
	awkward drum machine pattern
	which was critical for the feel of
	the song.  I tried to replace it with
	a very warm live drum sound and it
	just doesn't work.

013016	Re-sang everything on NowHere.  I
	think it's about done.  I need to give
	Paris a few more takes of the guitar
	in the outro, get a good bass and 
	drum track and this one is on the
	wall with Corky.  Now I need to look
	at what needs to happen to call
	Windy soup.  Go Google 
	"call Windy soup".  I'm going to.

012916	Had another try at some guitar licks
	during the outro of NowHere.  Comped
	a bass track from Dave's scratch tracks
	from Wednesday.   Sent an AIF to John 
	to see if he can come up with anything 
	to spice up the soup.  Or sweeten it.

012716	Dave recorded bass parts for NowHere.

012616	Talked to Paris about where mixing JBB 
	stood.  He feels like he has 3 songs to 
	finish up before he's done.  He reassured
	me that he would be able to mix the 
	next album.

012516	Re-cut vocals on Nowhwere and Corky.  Did
	some carving on Windy, Dingus and 

012016	Have NowHere whittled into an actual song.  
	Added a B section that needs a glossy bow.

011816	Worked on NowHere most of the day.  I had 
	a dazzling bit of lyrical  inspiration but got 
	distracted trying to bully it into the feel of the 
	song.  Fresh ears tomorrow.

011616	Fleshed out NowHere.  Not as good as the 
	demo but they never are.

	Issue:  The Audio Device buffer underflowed!
	Solution: Load the Dither plugin in front of the 
	SansAmp plugin.

011516	Steve Neal came by and recorded some
	harmonies on Windy and Corky.
	Discovered the 32 audio track limitation
	of Pro Tools 8 LE.  Good news for Paris.

011316	Played Michael and Dave some demos.
	Dave recorded some nice bass takes for 
	Corky Finds Something.

	Talked to Michael about using the cake
	picture for the album cover and he
	was OK with it.

011216	Adobe Illustrator loaded.

	Dave is coming over tomorrow to track bass
	on Windy and Corky.  Steve coming over
	later in the week to add some vocals.

011116	Built scratch tracks (drum machine, guitar
	and vocals) for Dingus and nothingood.  
	Tried a few acoustic guitar takes on Windy.

011016	Tracked a few more lead vocals in Windy.
	Also replaced the whistling bit in the start
	with a pad.

	Experimented with a drier vocal in Corky.

010816	Learned a fortunately not-painful lesson
	about splitting regions.  I had been using
	B which makes a split through every track!
	Control E is correct tool.

	Bought Illustrator 10 for the PC, which is
	the same age as both of the dead/unreliable
	Macs.  Speaking of dead/unreliable Macs, 
	if the iMac holds up I'll probably use 
	Garageband and the Behringer to record
	drums, since Pro Tools 8 limites me
	to the Mbox interface with its 2 channels.

	Speaking of the Mbox, I thought one 
	of the XLR outputs was dead but 
	discovered in the IO setup in Pro Tools
	that it only lets you select one of the 
	two channels for input.

	Going to learn about sends today.

010716 It's step measuring day:

	1) I was able to resurrect the iMac.  Wiped
	the hard drive and loaded a fresh operating
	sytem on it.  I still lost Adobe Illustrator for
	the album artwork but at least I now have 
	a place to put it when I buy it.  I can also
	use this to record drums with the Behringer
	since there is an issue with the Mbox

	2) Actually recorded some tracks with the
	Mbox and Pro Tools.  Discovered that there
	is an issue between XLR Line 1 and Pro 
	Tools but Line 2 works and both 
	instrument ins work.

	3) Learned about cloning and moving 
	regions, changing the time signature, 
	quantizing and other little goodies.

	4) The MacBook Pro, which we used to
	record all of Juiceboxberries, is not
	long for this world.  It's suffering from
	one of the most common ailments
	for these computers - the inverter power 
	cable is breaking.  The symptom is
	that the display works intermittently.
	You have to sort of tilt the screen until
	you find the sweet spot to get any

	Paris: "Recording music with 
	computers is hard." 

010616 I have a few demos that I want to generate 
	click tracks for so I learned 3 different 
	methods for determining the tempo of a 
	song in Pro Tools.  One method is Beat 
	Detective.  You highlight a region and use 
	Beat Detective to analyze it.  That is a 
	conductor on operation.  

	Another option is to line up the region in 
	grid mode and use the up and down arrows 
	to vary the temp until the grid at the bottom 
	marks the start and end of a measure.  In the 
	3rd procedure you disable the conductor and 
	Keyboard Focus, highlight the current tempo, 
	press play and tap the T key along with the 

	How do you disable or toggle off Keyboard 
	Focus in Pro Tools 8?  Ctrl Alt 1 
	will turn it off, pressing the AZ button will 
	turn it on.

	R & T to zoom in and out.  This is with 
	Keyboard Focus off.

	Clicking Bars & Beats toggles the grid.

010416 Found some old Girl for Samson Sonar session
	files from Dingus that I should at least be
	able to use as a guide for its resurrection.
	Also found the audio tracks for the demo of 
	NowHere which features a Casio SK-1.

010316 Loaded the Garageband session for Corky
	Finds Something into Pro Tools on the PC.
	Todd willing, I'll be starting the balance of
	the songs from scratch in PT from this point 

010116 Loaded the Garageband session for Windy
	into Pro Tools on the PC and it worked!
	Forgot to disable the effects so I will be
	repeating it.

	Padded Allen's drum tracks and the 
	balance of the scratch tracks to 
	import into Pro Tools.  Pro Tools
	workstation du jour is a Windows 7 PC 
	using Pro Tools 8 LE and the absolute
	minimum memory.  Am toying with
	the idea of booting the iMac with a
	firewire drive and running Pro Tools 9
	on it.

123115 Allen recorded drums on Windy and
	Corky Finds Something.  We replaced
	the two SM57 overheads with a single
	Rode NT1-A.

	Shannon added some harmonies
	to Windy.

123015 Allen Johnston is back in town so
	I'm hastily recording some demos
	for him to drum on.  Going to try
	to at least get the first two parts 
	of Windy down.

121815 Talked a bit with Paris about how
	the mixing was going.  He is 
	happy with what he has finished
	but a little overwhelmed by what
	remains.  One issue is that I gave 
	him too many bass tracks to sort
	through.  He is also spending a
	lot of time tweaking drums so I
	probably need to invest in something
	that will let me put the 4 mics on
	their own tracks.

	We are now looking at late January
	or even February before he is 
	finished.  This gives me time to
	either pick up a copy of Illustrator
	or find a graphic artist to do the
	CD artwork.

121715 It didn't occur to me until today that
	the iMac dying also means that I
	cannot finish the artwork for 

121615 iMac died.  Gruesome question mark
	on a folder when the comptuer boots.
	This means I need to hunt down
	another one before we can start 
	working on new songs in earnest.

121415 Mailed off Industrial Debris MIDI files.

121315 The Mac Pro sees the Behringer mixer 
	so once I learn Pro Tools I can, with
	enthusiasm, abandon Garage Band.

	Having fun with the Pro Tools plug-ins.
	It is a blessing that this was not in my
	hands while the last album was still
	in progress because every song would
	have a Hammond organ and an ARP

121115 Was able to figure out how to record a
	MIDI file in Pro Tools.  Sent a test
	to Paris and all is good.  Will record
	an earnest version of Industrial Debris
	this weekend.

120815 Loaded Pro Tools onto the Mac.  My
	first test will be to create MIDI
	files for Industrial Debris.  Next, I
	need to find out which mixer 
	interfaces will work with this setup.

1206315 Prepping some one-part demos to take
	to our road game on Thursday.  
	Introducing (all temporary titles) Shaking 
	off the Sand, Daytime, NowHere and
	New Guitar Song.  Also working on 
	marrying the Cowboy Whistling Song
	with Windy.

120515 Still not settled on an album cover.
	I like the dead mouse.  Michael and
	Dave like Faith in her pink bathing
	suit.  The half-dozen people that I 
	have shown the options to like the 
	birthday cake.

120315 Got together and learned Dingus and 

113015 Finished Little Something and 
	sent a reference file to Paris.  
	Processed the files and have 
	them ready to hand off tomorrow.
	I still need to marry the artwork 
	and text with the template and 
	procure a barcode.

112815 Whittled Little Something down to 65
	tracks, which includes loads of extra
	takes.  Re-cut some lead and backing
	vocals.  I have a couple of more ideas
	for tracks for tomorrow and then I  just 
	need to sequence the song for Paris 
	on Tuesday.

112715 Celebrated Black Friday by paying
	full price for a 2nd pair of Direct Sound 
	EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones.

112617 "Do They Know It's My Birthday?"
	A fistful of chords and words and
	I've finally got the anthem I've waited 
	so patiently for.

112515 Paris thinks he can have the
	album mixed and mastered by

	"How can you suppose that 
	anybody knows you're not a hussy 
	anymore?"  Christian is really 
	starting to grow on me.

111815 Juiceboxberries is nearly
	out of our hands so we
	set up and played for a few
	hours tonight.

111615 Tried tracking some different
	grooves for Little Something.
	Also recorded some tick 
	tocks and clicks.  Will comp
	tomorrow and track a few
	more vocals.  Handing off
	the other 3 songs tonight.

111515 Trying to figure out a way to 
	record the next album in 
	Pro Tools so that there are 
	less post-tracking issues.
	I think the cheapest way
	to get off of Garageband
	while still using an old
	Mac (OS X Leopard: 10.5.8) 
	is to get Pro Tools 
	LE 8.0.5, which only 
	requires an Avid interface
	(MBox 2 or 3 or Digi002 
	Rack/Digi003 Rack) as a 
	dongle.  This would be a
	$200ish investment. 

111315 On, Tambourine and Falstaff
	are on a thumb drive waiting
	to be handed to Paris.  Now
	to start listening to Brought
	a Little Something Down.

111215 Finished padding out the
	tracks in On.  Decided to have
	a couple more cracks at the
	vocals.  Talked to Paris about
	switching to Pro Tools for the
	2nd album.

111115 I'm running out of time
	for creating MIDI piano 
	parts for Industrial Debris.
	The link below points to an
	application and will convert
	the AIFF to a MID file:

110915 Parts added and On reference file 
	sent toParis.

	Going to re-record bass
	and guitars in Tambourine.
	I've also decreed that On
	is finished so will send a
	refence file to Paris and then
	start prepping it for mixing.
	Planning on submitting
	Tambourine and Falstaff
	tomorrow and On in about
	a week.

110615	Tambourine reference file
	mailed off even though I haven't
	finished prepping the tracks yet.
	I will get it done by Tuesday.

110515	I think I am going to retract
	my earier recommendation of
	swallowing a fistful of poorly
	chewed salted cashews
	before recording vocals.  Ack.

	Decided to take another stab
	at the lead vocal in Tambourine.
	I recorded 12 takes after 
	tracking some high harmonies.
	My voice started to give out 
	after take 4 and by the end
	I was barely able to croak in
	key but kept recording.  I
	think I like them.  They 
	sound a little different than
	my normal whelp.

	Going to do my whoopdangist
	to get Tambourine done by
	the weekend and to Paris for
	mixing on Tuesday.  That will
	leave On and Brought a Little
	Something Down to finish.

110415	Had a nice hang out with
	Michael and Dave.  We haven't
	gotten together in a month or 
	longer.  Agreed that when Juice
	Box Berries is done we will
	work up the 7 songs live, just
	to play together again.  

	We worked through some 
	business decisions.  We 
	settled on using CD jackets
	vs jewel cases.  I showed 
	some alternate covers that
	I had mocked up and I think
	everyone still likes the woman.
	I may try to offer a few more 
	choices before we sign off.
	Michael had a listen to the
	French Horns in "On" and
	the new chorus in "Industrial
	For some reason our talking
	business turned into telling
	sad stories about our school 
	days.  Lonesome Petunias.

	Falstaff ready to go.  
	Reference file sent to Paris.

	May add a few more hisses
	and sizles to Falstaff before
	sending it off.  I also want
	to explore a way to extract
	MIDI files from Garage Band.

110315	Talked to Paris about my
	challenges getting him a MIDI
	piano file for Industrial Debris.
	I was secretly hoping that he
	would say "Well, don't you
	worry your pretty face, I'll
	find a way to use the piano
	tracks you gave me.", but
	he didn't.  Not even close.

	Falstaff just needs a reference
	file and a notes file and it is
	ready to go.  I will have one
	last listen tomorrow.

	Added a few more
	tick tocks to Falstaff before
	getting ready to prepare it
	for submission to Paris for
	mixing.  At this point I always
	do a quick save to a thumbnail
	drive before saving the project
	under a new name so that I
	still have the full version 
	preserved.  During the backup
	to the thumb drive GarageBand
	started reporting errors which
	resulted in all of the tracks
	getting corrupted and deleted.
	Fortunately I had done a backup
	yesterday so repaired the disk,
	restored the project and re-cut
	the tick tocks.  Now to try to
	get this ready to hand off 
	I really dislike this part of the 
	process.  I just want to make
	up songs and track parts so
	its challenging to stay motivated
	during this part of the game.
	Having crud go so terribly wrong 
	after I finally committed to 
	getting something done is 
	almost comical.
110215	The drums for Falstaff 
	have been troubling me.
	There are a lot of 
	percussive sounds 
	happening in the song -
	tambourine, congas, 
	maraccas etc. and the
	drums get in the way.
	Or, as I finally determined, 
	the cymbals are getting
	in the way.  Went to a 
	snare, kick and toms only
	pattern (see Girl for Samson's
	"Meri") and it came out
	nicely.  Recorded 3 takes.

	Spent too much time
	trying out soft multitrack 
	recorders with MIDI 
	capabilities.  I just need
	something that's simple to
	use.  I only need one digital
	audio track for reference and
	one for a MIDI piano.  I also
	want to hear the MIDI track
	along with the digital audio
	track.  I know that I've 
	downloaded programs that
	claim to do this but can't get
	all required functions to work
	on my computer.  Again, this
	is all because Garageband
	won't output a proper MIDI file.
	I think I may have better luck
	finding someone with a nicer
	piano and dragging the
	the MacBook and a couple of
	microphones over to record
	a few takes.

103015	Given the choice of comping 
	drums and creating some album
	artwork mock-ups, I didn't comp

102915	Tried some different drum patterns
	for Falstaff.  Also diddled around in
	the vintage image collection for an
	alternative cover for Juiceboxberries.

102815	Watched game 2 of the World Series
	with Michael and Joelle.  Talked a
	little about the artwork for the album,
	how I'm getting cold feet with the
	current mock-up and am thinking
	about some alternatives.  Michael
	was supportive as always.  Also
	debated the merits of jewel cases
	vs jackets and determined that we
	both tilt slightly towards jackets.

102215	Wandering south for a week.

102115	Expenses coming into focus:

	$250 for mastering
	$80 for digital distribution
	$280 for 100 CDs

101715	Dave recorded some French Horn 
	parts for the outro of On.  We set
	up in a bathroom. The R0DE SM6
	pointed at the bell and a SM57
	in the tub pointed at the tile for

101515	Tried some low-fi DAW to see if I 
	could knock this off.  Tried Reaper 
	and Anvil and was unimpressed.  
	Tried the lite version of MultitrackStudio 
	which works great but has bursts 
	of noises in the MIDI files rendering 
	it useless.

	Got Sonar loaded and after some 
	fisticuffs I was able to get it to see 
	the M-Audio device AND eventaully 
	see a signal.  It even records the 
	signal.  What it does not do is create 
	sound.  No MIDI sound during 
	recording or playback.  This is so fucky.  
	This is like needing to climb to the top 
	of a mountain where I will find a map 
	that will lead me to a key that will 
	unlock a safe back below that holds 
	life-saving medicine, and not being 
	able to find any shoes.  BTW, 
	carelessly typing the word MIDI can, 
	on occasion, result in typing MOFO. 

101315	Going to load Sonar on the PC and 
	create MIDI files that way.

	Tried using the Edit/Add to Loop Library 
	option.  It created AIFF files in the User/
	Library/Audio/Apple Loops/User Loops/
	Single Files directory.  Supposedly the 
	MIDI info is imbedded?  I guess I'll try 
	another application.

	I should change the name of this site to 
	How to Record an Album Using a 
	Wheezing MacBook and Comically Out-
	Dated Version of GarageBand.  So, new 
	challenge: Gargeband does not export MIDI 
	files in any way that's easy or useful.  Off 
	to find time-sucking workarounds.

	After slaving away on the keys, Paris is 
	requesting a MIDI performance because 
	the piano is "out of tune and boxy". Back 
	to the phones.

	Reference file for Industrial Debris 
	sent to sweet Paris along with this sober 

	"Bringing this tonight.  It will be the 
	stoutest test of our bond.  I included 
	multiple takes (you don't want to know 
	how many tracks) of everything, 
	especially my trembly (it's how you 
	express vulnerability, asshole!) vocal.  
	America won't get it but I feel like I can 
	get away with writing a bad ballad 
	because I have a history of writing bad 
	non-ballads.  Plus I used a masculine 
	character instead of a female. Sorry 
	the vocal is so loud in the reference file.  
	I can assure you, that is not my dream."

	Cut a couple of pretty good piano tracks
	for the chorus of ID.

101215	Tracks padded, renamed, reference file
	created and notes file created.  I may
	take one more stab at the loose piano
	part in the chorus tomorrow before 
	handing it off to be mixed tomorrow 

	Answer to problem below: paste 
	a blank region in the gap and then

	Got close and hit a snag.  Fun fact, 
	if you put a split in a region and slip
	edit a space or cut out the space, 
	re-connecting the two regions with
	join appears to resurrect the deleted
	data.  Even if you don't want it to.

101115	Made myself keep grinding away at
	this song and finished padding all of
	the tracks.  Just need to name the
	files, write mixing notes and make a 
	reference .mp3 by Tuesday night.

	Got about half of ID padded for import
	into Pro Tools.  As usual, none of the 
	AIFF file names match the track OR
	region names.  Would love to figure
	out a way to force Garageband to use
	either one of these options as the
	audio file name.

	During my work I unearthed the original 
	demo bass part which works nicely with 
	Dave's bass part during the C section.

100915	Made good progress this afternoon.
	Just need to join all of the regions & 
	pad them so that they start in the 
	correct spots when imported into Pro
	Tools.  Also need to make sure the AIFF 
	names are meaningful.  Most likely a 
	weekend project.

	Learning, again, that in Garageband, 
	re-naming the track and/or the region does 
	not impact the name of the AIFF file.  At
	least not in any useful way.  I think the
	lesson is to give the track an appropriate
	name right at the start.

	While finishing up ID this afternoon 
	I want to conduct an experiment.  I 
	want to determine if the quantizing
	(letting the computer correct timing
	and tuning issues) results are 
	actually written to the AIFF files or 
	if it only occurs during playback.  
	Logic suggests that the effected 
	results are saved but I want to see 
	for myself.  This isn't critical, I just 
	want to understand the process.

	I also decided that I should give
	Paris the original version of the 
	chorus (or B section) along with
	the new version.  It makes 
	creating the Pro Tools-ready files a 
	little more complicated but options 
	are good in this scenario.

	I need to make a page with a list
	of things I've learned about 
	Garageband.  I want to run the disk 
	utility on the MacBook soon and 
	have already forgotten the process.  
	Searching for it in this sad tangle of 
	verbiage is daunting.

100815	Industrial Debris: I have all of the
	verse and chorus vocal tracks 
	(sending 12-14 takes), drums and 
	piano ready to go.  Tomorrow I'll 
	go through the backing vocals and 
	bass parts.  Only death (me or Echo)
	will prevent me from handing this off
	on Tuesday.

100715	Thank you Matt Simon for the 
	phrase "Burdensome and 
	unnecessarily sinister..."

	More takes of drums on bass
	for B section of Industrial Debris.
	I like where it's going.  May take
	one more stab at the piano
	(sadly, NOT my weakest 
	instrument) and then start
	calling tracks crap and candy.
	Note - I think that's the part I 
	dread the most.  I suspect I
	changed the feel of this section
	just to put off having to comp 
	tracks!  J'Accuse!

100615	Not much time to spend recording
	today.  Tried several takes of 
	fluffier bass parts during the B
	section in Industrial Debris.

100515	OK, I was possibly over-optimistic
	about getting Industrial Debris
	done by the weekend.  Today I 
	recorded some more vocal takes.
	I also tried some different synth
	bits during the "chorus" and 
	cut some triplets on the piano
	and new drums to give that 
	section a little more swing.

	We're coming up on 5 months
	since we created and started 
	developing these 7 songs.  If
	we can get them in the can in
	2 months that will be a month
	per song.  Take out some of the
	learning curve time and we should
	be able to churn them out even
	faster in the future.

100215	Recorded several good vocal takes
	of Industrial Debris.  I had a good cry
	beforehand (did not make the vocal
	more vunerable) so Paris will be mixing
	out sniffs, snorts and sighs in-between 

100115	Figured out how to get the barcode
	for the artwork.  Shooting for having
	Industrial Debris ready to submit
	for mixing by the weekend.

093015	Need to discuss production options 
	tonight.  Of course we'll use
	Disc Makers.  We can get 100
	CDs (jacket or jewel cases) for 
	about $300 shipped.  That number
	bumps to about $500 for 200 CDs.
	200 vinyl records for $1,700.  Once
	we decide I can start learning Adobe
	Illustrator in earnest.

	Cleaned all of the sf2 files off of the
	MacBook except for the Ensoniq
	files and ta-da, all four collections

	Want to have Michael and Dave sing
	Ringo-background vocals to the A
	section of On tonight.  I'm thinking 
	that the right wobbly chorus effect 
	will make them sound like a mellotron.  
	This is one of those times where 
	some combination of sounds that
	already exist in the song suggested
	this idea.  Like you can almost
	already hear it.

092915	Created some patterns to be used
	for loops in Brought a Little Something
	Down.  Locked the tracks and then 
	saved the project to see what I would
	end up with.  Interleaved stereo files
	in a folder named Freeze Files.
	Next, I tried soloing one of the tracks
	and exporting it.  Also an interleaved
	stereo AIF.

092815	Added a few more vocal takes to
	Industrial Debris and more B & C
	drum takes to On.  Industrial Debris
	should be about ready to comp and
	clean up tracks for Paris.  Falstaff
	and Brought a Little Something Down
	are just waiting on horns and 
	Tambourine is waiting on mandolin.

	On, the first song created on the
	MacBook, is going to be a bit more
	complicated.  It is actually 4 mini-
	songs recorded sequentially in
	one project.  I think I'm going to 
	break the song up into 4 projects
	to make cleaning up the tracks
	and importing them into Pro Tools
	more manageable.

	Summoned the courage to try loading 
	the Ensoniq SF2 files on the MiniMac
	to see if I would have better luck.
	It instantly recognized and played
	banks from all 4 files.  Elated, I loaded
	the mellotron SF2s and everything
	else I had on hand into the 
	 Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks/ folder
	so that I could finally explore some 
	other sounds.  Not only did they not
	work but now Garageband only
	intermittently recognizes the
	Ensoniq files.  Baffled, I removed
	everything but the Ensoniq sound files
	and now they are working consistently

	I'll next need to consider how to get
	soft files to the MacBook by converting
	them to "real" files.  It appears that there 
	are 2 common methods: locking the
	track or soloing and exporting it.  The 
	issue with the solo method is that I
	think it will create an interleaved stereo

092515	Added more vocal and drum takes on
	Industrial Debris.

092415	Got my hands on a MiniMac loaded with 
	Adobe Illustrator C5.  Now I begin the grim
	process of making imagination stay in the

092315	Listened to everything to get a feel for what 
	songs are finished and which still need parts.
	Decided that:

	Falstaff - done
	On - needs loads of love
	Tambourine - re-sing, add guitars and mandolin
	Brought a Little Something Down - needs horns
	Industrial Debris - Dave replaced a bass part
	and I'm re-cutting vocals

	Talked about buying Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, 
	CorelDRAW or Adobe Photoshop so that we can do 
	our own album covers.

092215	Handed off the first two songs to be mixed.

092115	Added a few more Ahhh and Verse Harmony takes
	to Sultan Eyes.

092015	Sultan Eyes is now ready to be mixed.  Need to 
	re-do one of the verse harmonies before handing 
	everything over to Paris on Tuesday.

091915	I think I'm going to get Sultan Eyes padded and
	renamed this weekend so sent Paris a reference mp3.

	Sent Paris a refence file for We Don't Do That and
	started the process of padding with silence and
	creating meaningful file names for the 34 tracks.  
	Had strangely intermittent luck clicking on a region 
	and giving the audio file, not the track, a new name 
	in the editor at the bottom of the screen.

	The padding process went well.  I would copy
	a quiet second from a region in the track I was
	working on, paste it at 0, click on the track
	header to select multiple regions and then join.

	Yesterday I learned that Garageband keeps the
	original name of a track for the AIFF throughout
	the recording process.  These file names are
	often not useful, espeically if you were cavalier 
	and assumed that renaming them within 
	Garageband later would actually change the name 
	of the sound file.  So, this weekend I'm going to 
	experiment with making new tracks with names 
	helpful to the mixer and copying the corresponding 
	track data into the new tracks.

091815	Addendum to the issue with JOIN that I brought 
	up yesterday.  I had copied a bit of a track 
	called Metronome, which was the output of an 
	actual metronome, placed it at 0 and tried to JOIN 
	it to drum track, guitar track etc.  JOIN was grayed 
	out in the menu so something was wrong.  Today, I 
	copied a bit of silence from one of the drum tracks
	and was able to JOIN it at 0 to both the drums and
	guitars.  The regions that I am joining ARE on the 
	same track but they are many measures away from
	one another.  I thought that was the issue yesterday.

	Here's what I learned about how the files in the
	Garageband MEDIA folder are named.

	1) A sound file maintains its first saved name.  If 
	you rename a track in Garageband later, the AIFF 
	will still retain is original name.  Choose wisely.

	2) The # in the file name is the take number.

`	3) If you add another region to a track it will be
	named the same as the original file but with
	an incremented take number.  Guitar#01, 
	Guitar#02 etc.

	4) If you JOIN two regions in a track the 
	original tracks disappear and a new track is
	created with the original track name and the
	word "merged" - Guitar merged.  Initially the
	take numbers are scratched.	

091715	First, my idea for adding a second of silence to each
	track so that Garageband would write out a full track
	was good.  It was very good.  But it doesn't work.
	Garageband writes different recorded moments in a
	single track as multiple tracks.  So, if I added the 
	second of silence to a drum track Garageband creates
	a second of silence track and the drum track.   It does
	not concatenate or combine the two tracks in the 
	media folder.  And you cannot use the JOIN optin to 
	connect them because JOIN wants the files to be right 
	next to one another.  I would have to create a long take 
	of silence and then paste it at the start of the track and 
	slip edit it to the start of the take.  Then I could JOIN 
	them.  Super fucky indeed.  More testing tomorrow.	

091615	Very good session.  Dave added a sexier version of the 
	bridge bass part in Sultan Eyes.  Michael and Dave 
	added chorus vocals.  Dave and Michael both added a 
	harmony to the "holed up 'till fall" line in On.

	Played with the Share option on Dave's computer and 
	it didn't do what I needed.  On the way home I had an 
	epiphany while staring vacantly into the street lights - 
	all I have to do is add a second of anything at the start 
	of every track and it will pad the track with silence!  
	Then I can just use the Garageband project files.  Will 
	experiment with this approach on the morrow.

	Freeze Folder experiment is a fail.  While it DOES
	consolidate the tracks so that they all start at zero
	it still writes out the AIFF as interleaved stereo 
	instead of mono.  So, back to seeing what a later
	version of Garageband will offer.

	Must buy some new drumsticks today.  Mine are so
	splintered that bits of wood are accumulating on the
	mixer and on Echo.

	One last thing to try before using a newer version of 
	Garageband to export the files for Pro Tools.  The 
	link below claims that locking the tracks you want to
	export will put the consolidated (common starting point) 
	files in a folder called Freeze.  The downside is that you 
	lose the file names.  Will experiment with this this 

091515	Re-recorded guitars and bass in chous of Sultan Eyes.
	Also added more takes of the chorus drums and tried
	a different pattern for the new loose bridge.

	This is one of the starkest issues with digital recording
	other than the quality of the sound.   I was spending
	loads of time trying to edit a drum measure that didn't 
	feel right.  It's a little tricky because I can only record
	4 channels onto two tracks so I can't isolate individual
	drums and cymbals.  After 15 minutes it occurred to
	me to just sit down and recut the part.  I got it and got
	it good in a single take.  It took about 5 minutes, 
	including prep.

	Because Garageband 08 exports an interleaved stereo 
	track vs mono I'll need to find another option for getting 
	the tracks to Paris for mixing in Pro Tools.  Decided to 
	try importing into Dave's newer version of Garageband 
	and testing some of the export options.

091415	Found a less Ramones-y approach for the chorus of 
	Sultan Eyes.  Well re-record bass and guitars tomorrow.

	Looks like the best option for consolidating the tracks so
	that they are all the same length is to disable all of the
	effects and plug-ins, zero all of the panning, and export 
	the tracks one at a time.  We Don't Do That has 51 
	tracks and probably 20 or more are unused takes so this 
	is painful but doable.  It will be interesting to see what it 
	does to the file names.

	Learned a little about Garageband AIFF naming convention.
	If you have 10 tracks you'll find 20 AIFFs in your project
	folder (MEDIA).  10 will be the actual raw audio and 10
	will start with a "." to denote is as some kind of information
	file or something.  In Gargeband 08 the file names are
	truncated with a hash tag (#).

	I need to find a way to may all of the tracks start at 0 in the
	timeline.  With a common starting point Paris will be able
	to easily line them up in Pro Tools.  I don't know how to do 

	Recorded additional takes of verse and chorus vocals for
	We Don't Do That.

	I was hoping the SAVE AS trick would clean up unused
	Garageband tracks but nope.  I think there is an option
	for this in later versions.  I haven't a later version and will
	have to outwit the machine.

091315	Gave all of the Garageband tracks in We Don't Do That 
	meaningful names yesterday.  Later, I looked at the Media 
	folder and realized that Garageband, using some system 
	that I don't understand, seemingly randomly truncates the 
	names of the AIFF files.  Some retain the full name and 
	others are truncated beyond recognition.

091215	I learned today that when you delete tracks in Garageband
	they are only removed from the project interface.  The 
	individual AIFF files are not removed from the Media folder.  
	Tomorrow I'm going to try to use SAVE AS to save the song 
	as a different name to see if it drags along the extraneous 

	Naming tracks so that they
	are useful to Paris.  No fun.

	We Don't Do That = 
	We Done Did That.  Let 
	Paris know that it was finished
	and asked him if he would like me
	to delete unused takes to ease
	the conversion process or leave 
	them in for comping.

091115	To-do list for next 10 days:

	We Don't Do That
	think about vocal phrasing in chorus
	looser piano in outro?
	balance drum transition

	clean up extraneous takes
	sign off on bass

	take another stab at lead vocals in A-B	
	replace synths with clarinet, cello etc.
	arrange end of B section

	Brought A Little Something Down
	another pass of drums?

	take another stab at lead vocal
	work on B section

	Industrial Debris
	take another stab at lead vocal

	Sultan Eyes
	rethink 3rd passage of solo
	sexier rhythm in chorus?

091015	Comped bass parts from last night.  There are some synth
	parts in On that I want to replace with a clarinet so I'm
	soaking a reed.  Speaking of comping parts...

090915	Very productive session.  Dave added a nice bass part for 
	the solo section in Sultan Eyes.  He also added better takes 
	for the A & B parts in On and the outro of We Don't Do That.

	Kevin and Rachel popped by to hang out with Michael and 

	Jezebel recording mandolin parts for Tambourine.

090815	Talked to Paris a little about the mixing process.  His plan is 
	to import (a friendly sounding word for what will most likely be 
	a brutal manual process) the files from Garageband to Pro 

	I just thought of the line "the hounds of hoo-ha" so I pretty 
	much own that now.

090715	Decided to put a 12 measure solo in the middle of Sultan 
	Eyes.  Not quite the the same process as yelling into a mic 
	"Dear friends, let us add 12 measures here for a solo.  
	1, 2, 3, 4..."  Ghosted out a feel I like with the Kent Americana 
	and a noisey octave pedal.

090415	Chipped away at Sultan Eyes.  Played the latest version for 
	Michael.  Ran out the clock eating cheap tacos, drinking Mojitos 
	and watching a documentary on the Wrecking Crew.

090315	Added a sample of Sultan Eyes to the sounds section.  Yes, I've 
	dropped When the Lever Breaks (You Better Moot) as the title.  
	It hurt AND it left a scar.

	Steve Neal dropped by and added harmonies/backing vocals to 
	most of the songs.

090215	Joelle's birthday party.

	Spent a couple of hours adding a new bass part, guitar (Fender 
	Bronco!), drum part and vocals to When the Lever Breaks 
	(You Better Moot).  I really need someone to boss me around.

090115	Decided to write something new today instead of working on the 
	CD.  Partially constructed a song with the working title When 
	the Lever Breaks (You Better Moot).

083115	Goodbye, Meri.

082915	John sent me electric and acoustic slide guitar parts for 

	Steve Neal coming on the 3rd to record some vocals.

082815	Thought of a title for the EP that I liked last night and played 
	around with a mock up for the CD.  Used 
	slides_17_faithmodeling_faith_6.tif and copied the bottom 
	border to create a fill so that the layout is square.

	"Johnny Marie & the Lonesone Petunias" using Free Style 
	Script and #ACA0B9 as the font color.
	"juiceboxberries" using Rockwell Extra Bold with juice as 
	#6D7659 box as #C8A5BF and berries as #FF016D

	Colors used for song title Rockwell fonts #C2A0B6, #E9E6E4, 
	#A8AEAC, #9A5E4E & #DBCFC4

	Michael approves so just waiting on feedback from Dave.
082715	Wasted more time trying to figure out the procedure for 
	repairing a hard drive on a Mac.  You have to do it from 
	the startup disc but you can't just put in the startup CD 
	and reboot.  You have to hold down the C key during the 
	boot process and then do the repair from the Utilities.

	Wasting time trying to manipulate banks of multiple Sound 
	Fonts using an external MIDI controller.  The M-Audio 
	Keystation will recognize a few of the files.  I fired up the 
	Juno-106 and it only sees 0,0 of any of the banks.  Is this a 
	Garageband '08 issue?  Is it because I am using MIDI cables 
	that terminate in USB connectors?  Is it a SF2 issue?  A 
	Roland or M-Audio issue?  Am I being punished for trying 
	to use samples?  Maybe I should be.

082615	Lost chunks of the work I did yesterday with this seemingly 
	innocuous error message "invalid regions changed".  What 
	actually happened is that one track was replaced with portions 
	of another and 6 takes of vocal tracks were gone.  I'm going to 
	try saving this Garageband project as a different name (which 
	it was due for since it's still using the working title) and see if that 
	resolves the problem.  Repeat to self  "I'm not having to buy tape.  
	I'm not having to buy tape."

	Update: So, doing the "Save As" to a different file name at least 
	stops the error message from popping up.

082515	Made some lyric mods for the B section of On so recorded
	it again.  Recorded two takes of drums for the B and C

082415	Recorded a fistful of vocal takes on the A and B sections of
	On.  You just don't know if something magic is giong to 
	happen unless you hook up a mic and fire up the computer.
	Nothing magic happened.
	John still sending me guitar tracks for Tambourine and 
	Industrial Debris while I send him confusing and conflicting
	suggestions.  "Imagine an ant that has a heavy cast on two 
	of his six legs, caught in a spider web made of pale blue cotton 
	candy that is lightly animated every 5 seconds by one of those
	rotating fans on the lowest setting.  I don't mean the lowest
	factory setting.  I'm talking a modified lowest setting.  That's 
	what the last note should sound like."

082015	Finally added a demo sample of Industrial Debris to the site.
	Sent a full AIF file off to John McConnell to play with.

	Learned another little Garageband 08 trick: I was importing
	.WAV and .AIF files by dragging the files into a set-up track
	in the project.  Wasted step.  You can actually drag them
	into the blank gray space underneath the last track header
	and it will automatically create a track using the file name.

	Got some Spaghetti Western solo options from John last night.
	It took some wrangling (do you see what I did?) to import them
	but done and done.

081915	We just listened to the songs last night and talked about what 
	to do next.  Dave brought his chum Mike by and we had a nice
	time chatting with him.  The evening ended in everybody 
	having a go at the viola and cello for fun.

	Popped open Tambourine to do some last minute mixing with
	John's guitar part and got the gut-wrenching "track not found"
	error message.  It couldn't find the Spaghetti Western bass
	track.  I found it in backups.  We're doing this with 2008
	technology, folks.  Those of you in the front row WILL get wet.

	Got 3 decent takes of drums down on Industrial Debris.  Set
	up the piano with the Rode and a 57 and had a go.  Recorded
	another lead vocal take.

081815	John sent me the .wav files for the cool crunchy guitars in the 
	outro of Tambourine.  How do you import .wav files into a 
	Garageband project?  You can't copy and paste them.  You 
	have to drag them to an available track.  They are converted
	to AIF files when you save.

	Getting close on the drums for Industrial Debris.  I realized that
	I'm rehearsing the song.  That's why it's taking so long.

	Bought a fistful of 1/8 to 1/4 stereo jacks so I can avoid a 
	repeat of the great Pioneer Headphone Disaster of 2015.

	Hazard of recording in your office: shelf is jostled and a 
	foam ear plug tumbles down and upon the top of a printer
	where it finds the single entrance to the inside and tumbles
	in never to be found again.

	Added a blips from the BOSS DB-60 metronome to help me
	with the piano in Industrial Debris.

081715	John McConnell sending Tambourine tracks for feedback tonight.

	I was really determined to at least get drums down for Industrial 
	Debris, and perhaps vocals today.  Really struggling as I've never 
	really drummed on a piano-based "ballad" before.  Decided to 
	listen to "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and "Someone Saved 
	My Life Tonight" because "piano-based ballad" + "drumming" 
	= "Nigel Olsson".  Run the figures yourself.  You'll come up 
	with the same answer.

	Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias website domain is now
081615	As we pile tracks upon the 6 songs for the EP, I am trying to be 
	courteous to poor Paris who will have to paw through the chaos 
	in order to build a pretty song during the mixing process.  I am 
	trying to use meaningful track titles and employing Garageband's 
	little list of icons.  (Note to P: I can't tell the difference between 
	the little guitars and the little bass guitars.)  I'm also putting a 
	blank track at the bottom of every song titled "Archived Tracks" 
	and shoving all extraneous takes below that so that all he is left 
	with are the winning bits.  I'm leaving the unused tracks in the 
	song so that he can cull a bit here and there if neccessary.  
	Highly likely.

	I misplaced (lost) a critical adaptor for the 2nd set of phones 
	yesterday for Rachel's session and had to use a vintage pair 
	of Pioneer SE-50 headphones.  Later that evening I kept 
	discovering little bits of black something or other in my hair and 
	on my face.  Yup, the insulation/foam from the Pioneers is 
	deteriorating.  True to my nature, I have a backup pair of SE-50s 
	should I ever get in this situation again.  


	Did you notice that I no longer mention sound fonts and MIDI 
	controllers?  Day 8 of an uneasy truce.

081515	Rachel came over and recorded harmonies on most of the tracks.  
	Posted a fresh version of Tambourine on the site.

081415	Sent Ala Fries (The Sinclaires, Intermission, The Catherines, 
	Chemical Wedding, Boudoir) a mix of Falstaff in an .aif file so 
	that she can track some parts.  Ala and I used to play with Allen 
	Johnston (This Jungle, Secret Society) who was here about a 
	week ago recording drums.  We also played with artist Jill 
	Fetterman (Boxes of Love, BCR, Short-Term Memory) who 
	died on the 12th of this month.  Jill was a wonderful artist, 
	great musician and a priceless friend.

	Scheduled Rachel Thompson to come over on Saturday and 
	record some vocals.

081315	Comping parts from last night.  Getting ready to e-mail an 
	.aiff file of latest Tambourine mix to John McConnell for noodling 
	consideration.  He'll import it into something on the PC side, 
	add parts and then just export the single track of his work for 
	me to import back into Garageband.  It's a not-awful time to be 

081215	Dave and Michael experimented with some ooos (sharing a mic, 
	as always) during the Spaghetti Western section of Tambourine.  
	Michael, Dave and Shannon added the jazz hands "What's it all 
	about?" harmonies.  Michael recording some keyboard tinkling at 
	the end of On.  Dave had a run at the bass part for Tambourine 
	after a wonderful dinner courtesy of Joelle, Shannon & Michael.

	Added some cymbal builds to Tambourine.  Also tried some 
	gallops with a tambourine lying on a floor tom head.

081115	Worked on bass, drums, vocals and tambourine for Tambourine.  
	Added some cymbal and rim shot bits.

081015	After John left I had a go at the lead vocals and drums on 

	John Bara came over and tracked conga parts for We Don't 
	Do That, Falstaff, Brought A Little Something Down & 
	Tambourine.  Single SM57 six inches above and center.  
	Pictures were taken.

	Going to try to finish vocals, drums and guitars for Tambourine & 
	Falstaff today.

080915	If you see a story about a mall shooting, rape, serial killer 
	basement/torture shenanigans, child molestation, porn or 
	scandal involving bribery, the perpetrator is nearly always 
	a male.  Frequently a white male.  I don't understand why 
	males are allowed to drive cars and own guns, much less 
	run for public office.  


080815	Kevin loaned me an M-Audio Keystation 49e 49-key MIDI Controller
	to manipulate the SF2 banks with on the MAC.  I am now 
	able to successfully cycle through the presets in Sonatina 
	Symphonic Orchestra but still not the ENSONIQ.  Additionally, 
	Garageband records the MIDI signal, but not the actual 
	selected sound.  This paragraph needs a cute one syllable 
	summary like "Sigh." or "Poop." but I like surprise endings.

080715	OK, I put samples from some of the 6 demos on the Sounds 
	page.  I think that at this point, since the site contains a blog, 
	pictures and music samples (known as "content") I will remove 
	the "Proper website, sounds and debut EP coming soon." 
	sign from the door.

	I think what's tripping me up on the SF2/Mac issue is using 
	the soft keyboard (Apple K!) that comes with Garageband.  
	Going to try a proper MIDI Controller this weekend and see 
	if that changes the game.

080615	The 1204USB came so after set up I labored over getting a 
	good drum part down for Falstaff.  I got close but was really 
	suffering from ear fatigue as the song is a bit shrill.  Will 
	remix tomorrow and have another run at it.

	Added a Sounds page to the website.  No reason why I 
	can't get up a few samples of what we're working on in the 
	next day or so.  (Begins new quest to convert AIFF files to 
	MP3s.  Hoping Audacity will do it.  It's like I'm looking for 
	reasons not to track parts.  "Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage!")

080515	Didn't do the must-do.  Spent all of my tracking time 
	dicking with SF2 conversions.  I can't get Garageband to see 
	any of the ENSONIQ or Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra presets 
	after splitting up the banks using Polyphone.  It's actually not 
	that important for the project but it is absurd and I hate being 
	told what to do.

	Must-do for the day: add a sturdy blip on all of the tracks to 
	usurp the timid click that comes with Garageband.  Of course 
	I could use a kick drum loop or something but over the years 
	I have developed a Pavlovian response to the harsh bleep of 
	the BOSS DB-60 metronome.

080415	Upgraded the Behringer Xenyx 1204 to a Behringer Xenyx 
	1204USB which comes with compression and of course a 
	USB connection which will allow me to take the TASCAM 
	interface out of the loop.  

	Also bought a MIDI to USB cable so that I can at least use 
	some of our dead synths as MIDI controllers.  I discovered 
	that Garageband won't recognize SF2 bank files that contain 
	multiple sounds.  It will play the first sound in the bank and 
	that's it.  I have some alternatives for breaking up the files 
	manually using Polyphone but am hoping that a MIDI 
	controller will recognize the full potential of the files.  I have 
	an ENSONIQ soundfont collection that has some potential 
	to be entertaining.

	Dave's Yamaha monitors sound great.

080315	Allen Johnston stopped by and had a go at drums on We 
	Don't Do That.  He's such a lovely drummer.  We toyed 
	with playing a straight beat through the 1st half of the song 
	and then going really loose at the 2nd guitar solo.  

	Dave brought over some Yamaha HS80M monitors to get me 
	off of doing rough mixes with headphones.  He also brought 
	a fresh box of VALOMILK Candy Cups!

080215	Juno 106 died yesterday so Michael dropped off the 
	Roland D-20.  And the D-20 promptly dies.

	Blog is up. You can almost smell the sawdust, hear the 
	bearded lady playing the harmonica, and see the tent 
	sagging over the frayed trampoline.

080115	Got a little closer to getting a good signal/good sound 
	from the Ludwigs.  Using a  Shure 57 on the snare, two 
	Shure 57s as overheads and a Shure PG52 on the kick.  
	May add the Rode somewhere for a room signal.

073115	Lengthend the Spaghetti Western B part in Tambourine.  
	Hoping Dave can deliver a trumpet solo.  If not, it will be 
	me adding whips and harmonicas.

073015	Introduced Tambourine.  Listened to some of the other 
	tracks to see where we stood.  Decided that we love 
	each other.  Moment is documented by drunken cell 
	phone photographer while we sway unsteadily just 
	out of reach of the streelight's helpful glow.

072915	Had another go at the vocal for Bee Miner/We Don't Do 

072815	Set up Johnny Marie & the Lonesome Petunias 
	Facebook, Gmail and Twitter pages.  Put down the 
	guts of Tambourine.

072715	Got a little Behringer XENYX 1204 mixer for recording 

072315	Added bass and some backing vocals to Industrial 
	Debris courtesy of Dave, Michael and Shannon.

072115	Paris said that he would mix the EP when we are 
	finished tracking.  He has a long history of polishing 
	my turds.

072015	Played Michael Industrial Debris.  Learned about using 
	Apple-A and Apple-T to insert measures in a timeline 
	in Garageband.

071915	Working on Where Did All the Cowboys Go?/Industrial 

071715	Had another run at on vocals for Where did all of the 
	cowboys go?

071515	Rode NT1-A came so tracked some parts to test it out.  
	Ran Dave through the paces.  Considering Johnny Marie 
	and the Lonesome Petunias for our moniker after Dave 
	mentions discovering "Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion 
	Patch" while sorting through some old 78s.  May have 
	also agreed on an image for the EP cover.

071415	Worked on On guitar solo.

071315	Worked on We Don't Do That guitar solo with 
	Les Paul.

071215	Worked on We Don't Do That guitar solo with 
	an old Kent semi-hollow body guitar.

071015	Borrowed a friend's Rode to re-record primary vocal 
	tracks on On and We Don't Do That.

070915	Worked on comping bass parts.

070815	Made up We Don't Do That.  Dave recorded all of the 
	bass parts for On AND a stand up bass part for We 
	Don't Do That.  He took the cello and viola home to 
	tinker with.

070715	Thinking of Johnny Marie and the New Petunias for 

070615	Recorded some acoustic guitar and piano takes for 
	The Wall.

070115	Added scratch drums to The Wall.  Put finishing touches 
	on On to show Dave and Michael tonight.

062715	Amp simulator pedal came so messed around with On 
	some more.

062515	Comped vocals on The Wall and added some parts to 

062415	Good Petunia session.  Dave tried some bass parts on 
	The Wall and then he and Michael sang some background 

061715	Michael and Joelle co-hosted for an hour on KKFI today.

061615	Brought Extreme Isolation headphones home from the 
	studio.  Should help greatly with recording drum tracks.

061515	Worked on On.

061415	Worked on Am/On.

061315	Worked on comping Dave and Michael's vocals.  Put 
	down some parts for the Am/On piano bit.

061115	Michael and Dave did backing vocals/harmonies for 
	Falstaff, Puff Adders and The Wall.  They shared a mic 
	for all 3 tunes.

060315	Worked on Falstaff.  First Petunia session actually 
	recording something.

060215	Worked on Falstaff.  Michael bought a MacBook so 
	that we can share files.

060115	Worked on Falstaff.  Played it for Michael.

053115	Worked on Falstaff.  This song was built on a bass 

052815	Bought a Mackie ProFX12 mixer with Michael to interface 
	with the Mac.

052015	Worked on Brought a Little Something Down.

051915	Put some more tracks on the Brought a Little Something 

051715	Worked on the scratch tracks for Brought a Little 
	Something Down.

051615	Finished the rhythm scratch tracks for Brought a Little 
	Something Down.

051515	Michael bought some good KRK Rokit monitors.

051415	One of our last live rehearsals before switching to 
	recording-only mode.

050815	Worked on drums for Puff Adders.

050715	Recorded some passes on the drums with Puff Adder.

043015	Was able to figure out a way to load Dave's Puff Adders 
	bass line on my Mac so we're good to go.  Just copied 
	the file from the project Media folder and imported it into 

042915	Dave gave me the bass line for Puff Adders.  Have to 
	upgrade Garageband before I can import it.  Fail.

042615	Worked on Wall scratch vocal. 

042315	Currently rehearsing Pool, Come on Out, Brought 
	A Little Something Down/Talk, Wall, Puff Adders, 
	Little Shootin' Elvis, Monkey Island and I'm Hiding A 

041515	Petunia practice.

040915	Petunia practice.

040215	Petunia practice while Shannon and Joelle 
	hang out.

032615	Petunia practice. Dave brought over a bass to play 
	with Joelle.

032015	Bought a MacBook and a Tascam USB interface.  The plan 
	is for me to work up demos as a frame for new songs and 
	then we'll replace all of the demo bits with permanent parts.

031915	Petunia practice.

031215	Petunia practice. Brought Come on Out and Brought a 
	Little Something Down.

030515	First full session as a 3 piece.

022615	Personnel  adjustments.  Co-founder leaves.  Now a 3 
	piece which means I move from drums to guitar.

021115	Moved gear to Joelle's.

020815	Drove over to meet Joelle and check out the space.  
	All good.

012115	Need to move the troops to a new rehearsal/recording 
	space.  Michael mentioned going to Joelle's.

073014	Michael's first session.

043014	Dave's first session.

073109	First meeting with co-founder.

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